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  1. Solid fuel SSTO. Stock autopilot, no controls. Payload: one satellite, one tourist.
  2. That's not a problem, thank you for your maintaining for older versions. Was a pleasure to use this mod in 1.3 I am tend to help you with fixing bugs and enhancing the previous functionality but unfortunately I don't have a strong knowledge of C#. It needs some rework related to TR shaders.
  3. UPD: found the sad reason of that. Old TRR: New TR: In TR, there was a Visor shader before but now there is one shader for all purposes. That's bad and I can't recompile TR with correct settings at the moment. Switching off the shine for all parts except solar panels. Works for me. Better than nothing.
  4. 1.10, got a trouble with the whole part shining instead of actual 'window shine'. Crew modules only, it works surprisingly fine with the solar panels. What can you advice in this situation?
  5. I can argue with cats. - Meow! - Not as meow as you think. - Meow! - I doubt it. - MEOW!!! - Can you unmeow it, please?
  6. Live trading indeed. They already gain about $1000 and that's the only reason why I decided to tell something about my bots. Trading is risky and this is my best success for now. Maybe now you see the very start of my IT product. I don't know.
  7. Only about 20% of the strategy is mine, remaining 80% is the compilation of known strategies so this is not a 100% new idea. But it works and this is the most important fact.
  8. Thank you :3 Green Bot is a bot with wide settings and parameters with all possibilities to make risky experiments, and Night Bot is the main trading strategy with low risks. Green Bot: Night Bot:
  9. I always thought that 30 years is far. But now I'm 29. Sometimes I notice that my life changes and my interests are different. For example, I don't listen to SOAD for hours like in 14. 100 years of life doesn't sound scary, but 5000 weeks does. The week is a very small amount of time, and we have only 5000 in our life.
  10. I am huge fan of Volvo, and the new XC40 is my dream. Sometimes...
  11. STONKS So, the news. Current bot build makes solid 10% per month. My testers are happy. But the real reason for me to make a new post is this cool picture
  12. I am very concerned of giving something good to others. That's why I had no selfish profit for years, even a little one. Being modest and devote ourselves to science, charity, or something equal is very good. But this doesn't work as we think. I worked as a volunteer, I've lost some funds, and I did almost nothing. To make significant changes in the world, we need to be significant, too. And in 21th century it starts from our own software, new business, our independence at least. Why do people work? To pay for a rent, to pay for medical services and education of family members, to buy
  13. Just made some photos during a vacation. I went hiking in the mountains for a first time and I really like the view from 4600 ft height. No filters.
  14. I think the truth is a way to understand the real situation. Like the matter of everything.
  15. One year. X axis is order amount, Y is money, from 10000 cents to about 15900. So that's 59% per year.
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