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  1. I am having difficulty with Maol. When I get an encounter, I am not seeing the usual predicted flyby trajectory where I would usually put a maneuver node to get into orbit. When I enter the SOI, I end up on a collision course with minimal time for maneuver. I have tried this several times. I am running 1.6.1 (with a lot of mods) and I've had no issues with the other moons of Lomila I have tried so far. Any suggestions? Thanks for the great mod.
  2. @FreeThinker an experienced you-tuber is starting a series based on KSPI-E: He is using a ton of other mods including RO and RSS but it might have some helpful tips for beginners.
  3. I have the dV, the maneuver node tells me that when I set up the burn. I'm trying to get a more accurate burn time (the ones provided by the game are way off). I am using the Better Burn Time mod- maybe this is part of the issue? Anyway without an accurate burn time it's hard to know when to start the burn. The TWR can give me the instantaneous acceleration but because the mass changes a lot over a long burn, the TWR changes too. What I have tried to do is average the initial acceleration with the final acceleration as a rough estimate but to get a better burn time number, I believe that there needs to be an integration step. I'm pretty rusty on that stuff... It's been a while.
  4. The game seems to have trouble getting accurate burn times with the setup I am using (Atilla thruster, beam power, hydrazine). I'm sure it's hard for the game with variable ISPs and variable power inputs. Is there a straightforward way to calculate burn times with a known ISP, known thrust, and known initial mass for a particular dV? It's been 25 years since I studied physics or calculus. I have tried using the rocket equation (with dV, ISP, and initial mass) to calculate the final mass, and then use the thrust to calaclate initial acceleration with initial mass and then acceleration at the end of the burn with the final mass. With that info I then calculate average acceleration. I realize this is an approximation. Surely there must be a formula? While it would be satisfying I think it would take me a long time to derive it so if someone would help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks
  5. I neglected to mention that I was running Hydrazine as the fuel b/c it looked like a nice dense relatively high performance (high thrust) with the ATTILA. I did try attaching it right to the reactor (Pebble Bed) to see if that would help things. Is 1719 the ISP associated with Hydrazine or is there a way to improve that ISP? BTW, can you set up a donation Paypal page in English... my German is pretty worthless. Thanks.
  6. I am having trouble with the Attila thruster. I am only getting 1719 ISP instead of the 2854 listed in the VAB. I have tried several different configurations. Any tips? I am running KSP 1.1.3. Thanks.
  7. I have a quick question. Which tech node unlocks the graphene radiators Love the new models!