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  1. Is there a present day save file available on the forums for download? I want to play a modern-day campaign without recreating the Apollo/Sojourner/Venera missions, as well as not needing to worry about KEO comsats.
  2. I did try with the junior docking port, but the command module started swinging around again. The regular docking port works fine though.
  3. The craft does not swing around with the regular docking port. Will have to remember not to use the junior version in future.
  4. Apologies, I did not know it existed
  5. Here is the craft: Do you mean to put a separator and then struts to keep it in place? Wouldn't it not be able to move forward to the opposite port?
  6. I am trying to complete my first mun mission , and in my transfer burn my lander module swings around in it's docking port wildly, disrupting the burn. The two modules are not docked on launch, so struts will not work. Is there any way to fix this?
  7. Hey, would you happen to have a kerbalx or a curse download link for the sandpiper lander?

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