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  1. Sorry, I was wondering if anyone wondering if anyone experiencedin this domain would take a look at it. I was also hoping to learn it. I knew it was a long prosses so I was wondering if anyone would look at it. I am learning how to edit and 3d model diffrent things but coding and computer progarming is not my strength. I do apologize if theres any typos, I do tend to type really fast resulting in mispelled words/bad grammar.
  2. So, I had recently messaged michealhester07 that if he would update the Biodomes and Stanford Tourses mod. Sadly he said he is no longer modding the game and therefore no longer updating the game. The mod itself is for 0.90 and I had heard people saying you can edit a mods soucre code. I put up some discussions on the forum if anyone would help me edit the mods. I was wondering if anyone would take a look at the mod and try testing it or editing it to make it work for the current version of the game. Here is the link to the mod
  3. Sorry I posted the wrong link, If anyone would mind looking at the mod and testing it.
  4. So I had recently made a dissucsion on How to edit mods beacuse I was hoping that a mod would update and someone had redirected me to this page. I had messaged the creator of the Biodomes and Stanford Tourses mod and sadly he was no longer maintaing the mod and adding updates. Some one had a reply as And then some one had told me I sould start a dissucssion on this page. If anyone would explain on how to edit mods or their source codes I would appricate it. This is the Mod I was hoping to edit Thanks,
  5. So, I had recently messaged a creator of the Biodomes and Stanford Tourses Mod that was out of date with the current version. I had learned that someone had taken an old mod and edited its file or something along that line to make it compataible with the current version of the game. Sadly the Creator of The Stanford Tourses ( Michealhester07) is no longer maintaing the mod, which is a shame beacuse he/she was had very intriguing ideas for mods. I was wondering if anyone would educate me in how to edit a file so a mod would be compatible with the game Here is a Fourm I found of a person updating ZZZ parts collection mod. If someone could expalain how they did that and If I can edit it my self and Here us the Mod I was hoping would update or That I could Update Thanks,
  6. Okay so, There were certian mods that I had just found out about, But the title was saying 0.90 Biodomes and Stanford Toruses mod. I heard some where that 0.90 mods could work if the contained modles and parts that did not require any plugins , such as command pods or habitats. The mods I was wondering about were only mods that came with certain modles. Is it possible to download these mods and use them with the current version of ksp? and will they work with other 1.3 mods like mods that include plugins? The mods that I looked at were 0.9 Biodomes and Stanford Toruses Mod by michealhester07 ZZZ parts collection mod by ZZZ I had also heard somewhere that someone had taken all of ZZZ parts and had "updated them" can someone explain this to me? Thanks,