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  1. Cool,very cool I would like to see the same pack,or a combined pack with the F/A 18c hornet) well, it's like wishes)a cool pack. as an idea for the future
  2. blink,it remains only to make residential compartments with an airlock. then you get the Martian kit. I apologize for mistakes this is not my native language)
  3. @DECQ Почему же он не выставит их в открытый доступ ? или же ещё не доработал ?
  4. @DECQ можно ли узнать у вас когда можно будет скачать двух драконов spacex ?
  5. @ДЕКК Can I ask when it will be available dragon dragon 2 so I want to try it
  6. When it will be possible to download ?) This masterpiece
  7. lextacy,and that the project is abandoned or still under development ?
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