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  1. Not that I'd know of ... At least the game totally messed up when I installed the KRE for 1.2, so no, I'm not ... I would assume that it should be quite obvious as to how to activate it ... The instructions just say to go to the launch pad and activate it, but I just don't see anything anywhere that would allow me to do so ... In the videos that I've seen showcasing the mod the guys always start with it already active, so at this point I really don't know if I'm just seriously stupid or if the thing actually isn't functioning properly/at all ... I really wish this would work cause it seems like an awesome tool, in fact I'd say it's something that should be available in the game by default!
  2. I must be doing something really stupid, but I just can't seem to get this to work ... All the instructions say to activate it, the videos I've seen start with it active, but how do I activate it??
  3. Ok, so that's where I did a stupid ... Tnx for that! Now there's another thing, if anyone has any insight into that ... After the thing didn't work I removed all the folders (FMRS, ModuleManager, and KRE), and still nothing changed in the game ... So I'm wondering if stuff is not as easily uninstalled as just removing it from the folder, or whether there was another issue with my PC (running a pretty archaic laptop, just happy I can play the game on lowest settings lol) ... I guess I just don't wanna have to uninstall again in case something goes bonkers again lol ... Anyways, I only discovered the game on accident following the revelation of the Mars colonization plans by SpaceX, so I'm absolutely loving the work u're doing here (Seriously, I felt like crying when it didn't want to work lol xD)
  4. From the pics I've seen I must admit that I got really excited about this, and have to congratulate you on the great work! However, I can only do so from what I've seen on this post, as I don't seem to be able to play it ... After installing now when I enter VAB there are NO parts available, as in ZERO, nothing anywhere, not the stock parts, not the KRE ones, there just isn't anything anywhere ... I'm new to the game and this was the first mod I wanted to try out so it could be I messed up something somewhere, any help would be appreciated in case I don't manage to figure it out myself ...