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  1. So...is there a fix for the outlandishly obscure thrust cap problem in RF yet?
  2. Ah, that's why the insulation value seen on the parts description is so strange (0.0001 or something like this, I was suspicious for a time) The file is just not there. I searched the folder with the file name. It's just not there. Probably my install is completely broken... I'll just reinstall everything once this is sorted out.
  3. That is exactly what happened. I noticed Nvidia Playback popping up almost at the same time, lol. Woops, I am not finding output_log.txt anywhere in my folder...what the heck???
  4. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0_1amtr4ybuQldrZkx6dkpidjA link of the file For some reason my Alt+F12 menu wouldn't open, so I got a mod called "Hot Spot" that displays thermal data for me.
  5. @Starwaster Finding 1: The wall temperature the boil-off code is using seems to be ONLY related to skin temperature in my case. Here's the situation:
  6. I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with being in time warp or not. At 1x speed it loses 0.00 liter of LH2 every second, but as soon as I speed it up to 10x speed, it is losing 0.03 liter per second. Usually when something is not being consumed it just say 0 on the meter, the two zeros after the decimal just give away the fact that it is just too little to fit in the significant digits. In the mean time I'll try to remove any mod which can mess with this in any remote possible ways and see if anything changes
  7. I am pretty sure it has something to do with RF. I am playing a RO install so it is unlikely that other mod has applied their boil-off after the RO configs; I did, however, notice a difference between cryogenic and non-cryogenic tanks. However, the difference is confusing: for Cryogenic types, having a higher skin temp does result a very slow but clearly noticeable loss; for BalloonCryo types the loss is very apparent. Notice in both case I do have my internal temp down to 19K because the Heat Pump is doing its job properly. I also tried Default tanks, and the result is not too dissimilar to t
  8. @Starwaster About boil-off temperature, is it internal temp or skin temp it is related to? I had a tank full of LH2 and cooled (gladly) with your Heat Pump down to 19.9K internal and around 24~28K skin; my LH2 wouldn't stop boiling off slowly. Also, an uncooled service module I used for control is hitting around 25K internal and 29K skin, and is not losing any LH2. I am confused.
  9. How do you do a direct ascent exactly? I usually do a parking orbit so that I can burn at Earth-Moon AN/DN when I can launch from a high latitude site, and for lower latitude sites I just wait for the inclination to line up. Is it possible to directly ascending to the Moon from say like, Baikonour?
  10. I hope they could one day add extra insulation as an option, in the form of panels (as used on Atlas-Centaur) or just a heavier tank with MLI. Boil-off should be a concern regardless, but with a modern insulation on place it really shouldn't happen so viciously in just a few hours after the launch. I see. Maybe I will try a kick motor or an Agena. It just feels very wrong to have a lower ISP (and higher thrust no less) stage atop of the low thrust ECS.
  11. Is there a reliable way to launch into a trans-lunar orbit with an Ariane 5 ECA? I needed the ECS upper stage to finish Earth orbit insertion, but then I have no ignitions left. The plyload was a bit too heavy for the ES stage. I am thinking about doing a sub-orbital parking orbit where I line up with the lunar AN/DN and lob the second stage to a 800 km ~ 1 Mm or so Apogee and plan an injection burn that takes me directly into trans-lunar; the problem is I am not sure if this will work all the time or the moon will move to a position where I have to wait until I get to the other side of E
  12. @Phineas Freak You are right. The new RF release broke them all. I have reversed my RF to an older release and the issue is gone. Thank you very much.
  13. @Phineas FreakUnderstood. What bugs me is the fact that I actually tried a lean and clean install with only the RO dependencies installed and nothing else, and yet the problem is still there... else I wouldn't cry for help on the forum.
  14. What happened to the default pod resource config? I had a few error a couple of days before so I whipped the whole game install and did it again. When I was finishing the RO install I started to have this problem. The resource (electricity, life support, hypergolic propellant for reentry control, etc.) are all wrong and resemble a erroneously applied patch or something. I have tried reinstall multiple times but the problem strangely persisted... Edit: That was a hasty and rude post I have posted, apology for that. I have encountered a problem where most of the containers
  15. Now I think about it, the gimbals problem probably has something to do with the relatively new feature that let you adjust the deflecting angle of the nozzle...since this adjustment is on the very axis that wouldn't gimbal.
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