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  1. For me it works flawlessly without even an incompatibility warning. I've installed the mod by copy/paste directly into the game data dir (without using ckan or the like).
  2. For me it makes sense. The bounce is there and your mod solves it. Thank you kindly.
  3. @popos1 The majority of free things tend to have a more chaotic dynamics. Be glad that it works.
  4. @panzer1b Thank you for this awesome mod! If you can spare the time, a small update will be much appreciated. I'm happy that you contemplate the possibility to replace all the cloud layers. Moho looks great in your pic. I've noticed that SciFiVE works for 1.4.1+MHE if used with the latest EVE. Thanks again!
  5. Boring, slick and consistent is nice for a rocket.
  6. @Agarwel, dude, relax... Burn slow to last longer.
  7. @Mrcarrot, they've got the definition wrong, trust me. For me, at this state, KSP is worth around 120-150 bucks. I have to find a way to support my hobby; and a present for a friend is always nice
  8. @whale_2 Thank you for this incredible fix! Works fine for now. Thanks again!
  9. For me, any landed ensemble of moderate complexity, regardless of wheels/legs presence, jumps after time warp or phys loading. It's a horrorshow. I think the threshold for such crazy jumps was higher in 1.3.0. Now i can't even use my landed ships, let alone the bases. I hope this will be fixed soon as my hobby is broken. Oh! also, when i takeoff during the, ahem, temporo-probabilistic jump, my ship status still reads as landed.
  10. Here: For me is gamebreaking, and that makes me a sad kerbal
  11. This happens to the Mün in KSC scene only (it started in v1.3.1 and only when rising, i think). Superb mod; makes total sense in KSP universe. Thank you!