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  1. I cant get the stabilization percentage down. Even thought my plane appears to be flying very stabably. Thanks,
  2. Hi all, I have my Kavro 730 Supersonic airliner for submission. The cost of the plane ( with a full fuel load approx. 11000 units ) is 223,119,000. Its cruise altitude is about 20000-21000m . At this altitude it can travel at 1000 m/s but will speed up as fuel is burnt. After take off you should pull up to about 30 degrees and gain altitude as soon as possible. Reduce climb at about 13000 and climb at 10 degrees. I ran a test of this plane it used 2000 units of fuel for the climb but when at altitude it only uses 2 units of fuel per second at cruise. This gives it a range of approximately 4500 Km. It can carry 72 passengers. It has a crew of 2. The design of the plane is based on a bomber design from the early 70's aimed at replacing the V-Force. I modified it from the bomber variant. Its take off speed is slightly over the limit when fully fueled. Make sure the plane is landing at under 70 m/s. Use the air-brakes to reduce speed on approach. Parachute is usually unnecessary. Pitch: introducing the latest in Kaviation technology, the Kavro 730 is one of the fastest plane in the sky rivaled by only the fastest fighter jets. Allow your customers to enjoy their journey to every corner of the globe in the ultimate conform. This modified bomber allows maximum speed and ample room for the passengers. There is an addition cargo bay for all luggage. Should your needs require it the plane could be expanded with minimal ease to fit more passengers on board. File:
  3. reachmac

    [1.6.X]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    Is it possible to have more than one aircraft on the carrier every time i land a second one the first one explodes.
  4. reachmac

    [1.6.X]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    How do i get the boat into the water?
  5. reachmac


    Can planes take off from the runway
  6. reachmac

    Fighter Jet Speed Test

    Hi i am new to this and i was wondering if the speed and the G's experienced need to be in the same run. Thanks.