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  1. yeah booting up 1 sec Hmm now it isn't doing it even though I used the same probe I did 3 times already. It sank 3 times now when I try and replicate it it doesn't work but this is what it looked like
  2. sec need to boot it back up also here are the only mods running so if these might have an impact I don't know
  3. No I literally Had a Probe core with like basic Science gear and a chute and battery.
  4. I just started up KSP today after a few months not playing landed a probe in the ocean and it just started sinking. Wouldn't let me do anything. Did they add this or is something going on?
  5. shouldn't be anything that conflicts it but they don't show it
  6. I am having the same problems as the above guy deleted EVERYTHING fresh reinstall from scratch then installed karbonite and karbonite+. Then went in and looked at the giant black containers States it holds Ore. Nothing else. Tried everything updating everything and nothing works.
  7. hmm I can't seem to find them. I downloaded the 1.2 one a few pages back and even installed some of that other stuff it says but I get nothing in game
  8. I got a question. What would I need extra to install to be able to do the stuff that this guy does
  9. Ok yeah now it decided to crash me while I was like 10km off the surface of the moon trying to land.
  10. Literally the second my periapse hits 70k my game crashes. Here is the crash log Anyone got any suggestions?
  11. For the life of me I can't figure out why it won't let me set one. It worked before I added these mods now its completely gone and I can't even click on my orbit to warp to that orbit.
  12. Yeah its windows. Windows 10 tried Alt+F12 on every screen with nothing poping up telling me I can do anything. can the debug menu be blocked by mods or something?
  13. So the wiki says hit Alt+F12 and I do that but nothing pops up. Tried it when I was building something AND when I was at the building select screen.