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  1. Just like the DistantObject mod. I can't live without that mod. Being on the surface of The Mun or any other non-atmospheric celestial body without it doesn't feel right. Seeing nothing but a blank void in the sky is both beautiful and scary at the same time, then when night comes, nothing but stars. I haven't seen any of this in surface screenshots of KSP2 which makes me sad. I don't know anything about programming but I hope this is an easy thing to just add in even if major development might be over. Maybe make is dynamic too? I'd imagine not every celestial body gets enough sunlight to fully dim the sky.
  2. Thankfully we can all physics warp from time to time by sleeping.
  3. Maybe kerbals could become encumbered if over the weight limit.
  4. I don't about anyone else but I hate when I visit other planets and moons (especially low gravity ones) and realize I am unable place half the parts I brought with me because they are "too heavy". Recently I planned on fixing a ship I had on Minmus because It had a part that somehow blocked the escape hatch. I disassembled all of the parts surrounding it then realized the part inside the craft couldn't be taken out. This made sense, thankfully I brought an external seat that I could potentially use to transfer the kerbal in the cockpit. Pretty sure that doesn't actually work but I tried anyway. When I try however to take the seat out of container it wouldn't let me place it despite Minmus's extremely low gravity. It really sucks because I would love to be able to build small rockets off of low gravity moons but I can't because I guess I can only do that in space. Imo what I am able to place should depend on the gravity of the planet or moon (idk if this is already true and I just haven't tried every planet but I have tried contruction on Eve, Minmus and alot in space. I really love the idea of this update but hate this one restriction, it really kills the fun in building.
  5. Good news. Best of luck for the developers who couldn't move or chose not to move to the new studio.
  6. Definitely playing ksp again with these revamped and new parts!
  7. So I got the EVE mod and didn't like the cloud textures for Kerbin. I would like to use the Laythe clouds for Kerbin but I couldn't find a way to do that. Help?
  8. New Update?! This looks official now! So many amazing things were added. Good job
  9. My PC is currently suffering with scatterer... I'd suggest you make a lite version BUT PLEASE keep the atmosphere and eclipses! I'm also ok with what Astronomer did with AVP. Here are my PC specs: Note: Scatterer alone works great! GPU: AMD RX470 CPU: AMD FX6300 (I'm stuck with this processor, unless I get Ryzen which is $500) RAM: 8GB OS: Windows X64 You need Stock Visual Enhancements for high end PC's or Environmental Visual Enhancements for the medium range. Getting lag? You COULD get Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements or Para-Sci High-Performance Atmosphere Pack!
  10. I feel like having this mod makes it impossible to get 60fps. I always get 30fps. I do have a mid-range system and I feel like it's Unity 5 not being built for such real textures. (I have tried all resolutions and was unable to achieve 60fps.)
  11. I'm using the 1.1.2 version in 1.2.1, It's better than nothing!
  12. I remember going to this site before... But it now says 404 not found, could the website be down?!
  13. The Female Kerbals have a stretched texture... Did I do something wrong?
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