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  1. Not to my knowledge, no this wasn't added to the latest update. I'll see if I missed something about it somewhere. This gives me hope that it will be added! Just would make it so much easier to build crafts without having to keep count of all the fuel tanks and all that for bigger builds.
  2. I'm interested in doing some of these newbie challenges (console player here). Is it still possible to earn the badges for completion? I just want a badge for doing something cool
  3. I usually don't mind calculating Delta-v for missions on my own, but this seems to be a really useful tool. In my opinion would be a great addition to the enhanced edition for new and old players. Hope @SQUAD is considering adding this to a future update. Here is the discussion posted by @UomoCapra
  4. Thank you, really appreciate the tip! The game is definitely running so much more smoother with that setting off. Wish that I didn't have to do that to fix this issue though. Little Kerbals walking around 'working' kind of make the rocket/plane building process a little more immersive for me. That being said I'm still happy this can be a temporary fix until some optimization can be done.
  5. Yes, the frame rate drop is definitely noticeable and a bit hindering at times in the SPH and VAB. Seems to happen just about every time when rotating the camera towards the doorway looking outside. I added this as a new issue on the bugtracker https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/login
  6. Yes, hold L1 and use the up and down buttons on the d-pad to control the throttle to your preference. Took me a little bit to figure that one out too. Happy launchings!
  7. Thank you @SQUAD for providing us with the update and awesome History and Parts Pack! SoOOooo many new parts to build with my head is spinning just thinking of all the new possibilities. Great job team!
  8. Yeah that is strange... All the parts and everything so far is looking good. Hopefully a re-install will fix that for you.
  9. I had this feeling to check the forums to see if the team had an update for us.... looks like my gut feeling was correct. Thanks for the update and the quick bug squashing! Can't wait to play Thursday!
  10. I came home today expecting to download the latest patch and DLC, but then I heard the news and now I'm sad lol . No worries though @SQUAD I would rather it release when it is ready and the experience is what is to be expected. Really I wish more devs would go by this rule actually. Great job team on bringing these updates and content to console so far! Can't wait to see what else the team is developing for the future of KSP.!
  11. Agreed... this is something we should not have to worry about, but I too have had save corrupted files twice now. I'm actually backing up my data every 30 mins (just like old time, huh) just in case it happens again. "Enhanced Edition"....
  12. Yeah this is definitely a bug because I've had this happen multiple times and the Lock/Unlock control commands did not work (L1+X). I've even tried the key commands on my keyboard I have hooked up to the PS4. Only way I've been able to get staging to work again is to restart the application and reload my latest save.
  13. I've noticed the more I advance in the game the more bugs I get and crashes are happening way too often now. Not even on huge crafts either. I've had constant crashes all evening from trying to fly a 2.8 ton craft and I've also tried just doing something different like rovers and such. Staging will sometimes just cease to work in mid flight. Corrupt saves....The list goes on. The more I play the worst it gets... A quick patch would be nice to fix some of the smaller issues and the save corruption has to be top priority.
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