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  1. Not to my knowledge, no this wasn't added to the latest update. I'll see if I missed something about it somewhere. This gives me hope that it will be added! Just would make it so much easier to build crafts without having to keep count of all the fuel tanks and all that for bigger builds.
  2. I'm interested in doing some of these newbie challenges (console player here). Is it still possible to earn the badges for completion? I just want a badge for doing something cool
  3. I usually don't mind calculating Delta-v for missions on my own, but this seems to be a really useful tool. In my opinion would be a great addition to the enhanced edition for new and old players. Hope @SQUAD is considering adding this to a future update. Here is the discussion posted by @UomoCapra
  4. Thank you, really appreciate the tip! The game is definitely running so much more smoother with that setting off. Wish that I didn't have to do that to fix this issue though. Little Kerbals walking around 'working' kind of make the rocket/plane building process a little more immersive for me. That being said I'm still happy this can be a temporary fix until some optimization can be done.
  5. Yes, the frame rate drop is definitely noticeable and a bit hindering at times in the SPH and VAB. Seems to happen just about every time when rotating the camera towards the doorway looking outside. I added this as a new issue on the bugtracker https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/login
  6. Yes, hold L1 and use the up and down buttons on the d-pad to control the throttle to your preference. Took me a little bit to figure that one out too. Happy launchings!
  7. Thank you @SQUAD for providing us with the update and awesome History and Parts Pack! SoOOooo many new parts to build with my head is spinning just thinking of all the new possibilities. Great job team!
  8. Yeah that is strange... All the parts and everything so far is looking good. Hopefully a re-install will fix that for you.
  9. I had this feeling to check the forums to see if the team had an update for us.... looks like my gut feeling was correct. Thanks for the update and the quick bug squashing! Can't wait to play Thursday!
  10. I came home today expecting to download the latest patch and DLC, but then I heard the news and now I'm sad lol . No worries though @SQUAD I would rather it release when it is ready and the experience is what is to be expected. Really I wish more devs would go by this rule actually. Great job team on bringing these updates and content to console so far! Can't wait to see what else the team is developing for the future of KSP.!
  11. Agreed... this is something we should not have to worry about, but I too have had save corrupted files twice now. I'm actually backing up my data every 30 mins (just like old time, huh) just in case it happens again. "Enhanced Edition"....
  12. Yeah this is definitely a bug because I've had this happen multiple times and the Lock/Unlock control commands did not work (L1+X). I've even tried the key commands on my keyboard I have hooked up to the PS4. Only way I've been able to get staging to work again is to restart the application and reload my latest save.
  13. I've noticed the more I advance in the game the more bugs I get and crashes are happening way too often now. Not even on huge crafts either. I've had constant crashes all evening from trying to fly a 2.8 ton craft and I've also tried just doing something different like rovers and such. Staging will sometimes just cease to work in mid flight. Corrupt saves....The list goes on. The more I play the worst it gets... A quick patch would be nice to fix some of the smaller issues and the save corruption has to be top priority.
  14. So for the 2nd time the enhanced edition has locked up my ps4 rendering it useless until I do a manual reset putting the system into "Safe Mode" ???? First time I had to unplug the system just to get it unfreeze itself, which is totally unnecessary and extremely infuriating as this also happened on the old version a few times as well. I know it's not the system because I've upgrade to the PS4 pro since then and this is the ONLY game this has happened with. Totally unacceptable as we have waiting for a finished product and definitely this still has a few bugs that need to be patched ASAP. I re
  15. I've encountered this as well while playing science mode. I too have to do the same workaround in order for the spent points and parts to register correctly. Currently making a list of problems I've noticed while playing. Nothing really game breaking but definitely some things could be reworked and fine tuned a bit. I will report back later. Fly safe!!!
  16. @SQUAD Mods for console would really be nice. Please consider it Xbox would probably be no problem and I'm sure it can be done for PS4 as well. Other simulator games do have mods on console (Example: Farming Simulator 17) I know this would make a lot of console players very happy and definitely extend the longevity of the game even further. The game as is has a lot of replay value but this would be awesome!!!
  17. KSP is my favorite game of all time too! That why I am so frustrated with this whole deal. If they would give me a PC copy or refund me for the console version I would gladly buy/play the PC version. But at this point I'm not buying it again. I really just feel at this point we deserve an official statement on the progress of the patch. That is all...
  18. Right there with you guys. If no new info or a patch doesn't happen soon I'm going to inquire about a refund. The attention and lack of communication is a major issue with me. I really do love the game but my goodness what a mess.
  19. Same here I just want to know something...ANYTHING. It seems the consoles threads do not get that much attention and we just want to know of any progress. The PC is constantly getting info sent out, updates and bugs fixed but we need something. I do really love this game and hope to see a patch soon. When I can afford another new PC I will definitely be getting this game for it but until then all I have I have is the console version. I too have to just play sandbox mode and back up the saves every hour or two. Career and science mode crashes more often. It is not fun that I can't play the gam
  20. Hello, I'm very sorry for the misunderstanding. My frustration was getting the best of me at the moment. I did say that incorrectly and was really directing this toward the staff. I really am not sure why I said that but I'm just starting to get very upset and frustrated with not being able to play this game because of all the bugs and corrupt data. When I bought the game I had no idea it would give me so much grief. Please understand that I did not mean to upset anyone further. I just wanted to get my point across and my frustration with everything. Again I'm very sorry. Thanks for letti
  21. Wow! Posted over 10 days ago and still no answers from a moderator. Com'on devs we want answers!!!!!! That's all we usually ask for when it comes to getting patches. We all know it takes time to identify and fix the issues but really... this long without a patch or answers. Just update us on the progress you have or have not made with the bug fixes. 1.2 update for the PC but nothing for console??? We have owned this game on console for quite some time without a single patch. Could you at least release a hot fix for some of the other issues besides the crashes and corrupt save data????? We expe
  22. Hello, I am currently experiencing the same thing you are. Save corrupt data, losing awesome ships and game progress. I backed up my saves every time I quit playing for the evening but it is starting to become more of a hassle than fun. I quit playing the game once my PS4 froze up 2 times and i had to unplug it just to get it turn off and get back to normal. When it happened the second time I knew that KSP could potentially mess up my PS4 so I'm done until the devs can fix this and assure me that this will not happen again. At this point I kind of want a refund for the game but I love the
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