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  1. I wonder if we'll see Pulse detonation engines or dual-mode scramjets. Gotta get those spaceplanes into orbit somehow, and while R.A.P.I.E.R.s are nice, they're just not efficient enough for my taste.
  2. Today I built a 60 ton Spaceplane that has enough Delta V to ferry six Kerbals to Minmus, on nothing but Rapier engines. It's not a true SSTO as the engines are fed by a large drop tank for the initial air breathing leg of the ascent.
  3. I really want to know what kind of new tech we'll get. Scramjets? VASMIR engines? Antimatter powered FTL drives?
  4. I rescued a stranded pilot in LKO. I was going to take some tourists to Minmus, but the maneuver nodes seem broken atm. They say burn time for the node to be 10s, which isn't true, and when I try doing a short burn to get the correct calculation, it switches to n/a. Guess I'm stuck on Kerbin till the devs fix the bug.
  5. So the Mohole is Yog-Sothoth? This game has a veritable pantheon of cosmic horrors doesn't it?
  6. You know you're a noob when you make it to Duna for the first time using an SSTO spaceplane, and you can't land on account of adding no drogue chutes or air brakes to your design.
  7. You'll love this: Started a new career game, when creating a custom Kerbal (a very stupid scientist) the random name generator gave me Pepe as a name. Well, Kerbals are green... After a quick search online for an appropriate mission flag, I started up a space program for Kekistan! I also built an SSTO that can get to Minmus with literally fumes in the tank. I also found that the Convertotron 125 is overheating even though I have enough radiators to cool it. (before you ask, yes, I attached the radiators directly to the converter and turned them on. The converter doesn't cool down at all.)
  8. Hey, if you're going to go slowly insane from space madness, might as well be classy about it. Now that I think of it, not only is this a perfect song for KSP, but it might explain why Jeb is always grinning.
  9. I've built my fair share of SSTOs. Some I've built could get to LKO on their own fuel, but had issues with carrying any viable payload, for cargo, or to get higher I came up with simple drop tanks made from 3 Mk.0 fuel tanks and a pair of small nose cones. they are pretty good for my aircraft too.
  10. My KSC put up their Christmas tree today:
  11. It is possible to have a steeper descent angle, but you run the risk of burning up on reentry. Spaceplanes don't have access to the ablative heat shields that capsules do. and the MK1 cockpit is especially susceptible to overheating. The major advantages of spaceplanes is that they are reusable and their aerodynamic properties allow them to come in on longer glide paths than capsules, meaning you have more time to lose speed before hitting the thicker atmosphere, where most of that kinetic heating is going to occur. This is important to remember if you want to build a spaceplane that can travel beyond Kerbin, as your Velocity will generally be higher, and aerobraking will likely be required.
  12. Sounds like you're reentering at too steep an angle. try setting your periapsis to around 45~50k m. Even then you want to keep your nose up during reentry so you bleed off speed as you descend, but the angle shouldn't be as high, about 30 degrees or so.
  13. Tested a crew return vehicle today inspired by the X-38. Since it's not designed to fly into orbit on it's own, I have been using Hyperedit to get it into orbit for testing. It has fewer than 30 parts, carries 6 Kerbals, and has enough monopropellant to return them safely to Kerbin from Minmus orbit. (Will need an additional stage to transfer between planets though.) So far, it has proven itself to be extremely stable during reentry, and the parachute placement is right on the center of mass, so it will remain level even if it runs out of power. Now I just have to build a rocket capable of getting it anywhere within the Kerbin SOI, and I'll have a perfect CRV for any Space stations I build
  14. @Magzimum I went back into sandbox and revamped my base design I cheated a little by using some parts from later tiers (namely the angled nose cone for the tail and elevon 5s) but I'm confident I could replicate the design using the early tiers I had mentioned previously. It can get off the ground at 40 m/s, but will fall back to the ground in a shallow angle, it really needs to be flying at around 70 m/s to successfully take off. Weight is around 8.529 tons, and uses 24 parts.
  15. I am running 1.2. The problem I'm having is that the early aircraft designs I used in previous versions no longer work, namely ones not meant to go to space, and are meant for fulfilling early contracts like surveys and tourism. I used to be able to build a fairly reliable stable plane using 2 Juno engines, now I need a flea just to get off the ground, and three junos just to stay airborne. Even then, I find the modified design enters a spin just trying to make a shallow turn, and landing it is nearly impossible. On the positive side though, when I went into sandbox and tried out one of my SSTOs, I found the R.A.P.I.E.R. engines seem to run better than they used to, (I don't have to lower my nose to get over 400 m/s anymore.) and the plane can maintain a higher speed at lower altitudes before it begins to over heat. Landing it is easy enough. Maybe it's just me, but the Junos seem even more underpowered than they were previously What I have currently researched: basic rocketry, engineering 101, stability, survivability, general construction, aviation, flight control, basic science, landing, space exploration, and electronics.
  16. I've been trying to build a simple aircraft, only to find that it's almost impossible to build one with the early stock parts. EDIT: Tried one of my old SSTOs and found it runs fine, building a simple aircraft is hard now.
  17. I'm trying to update the game to 1.2. via the native launcher (KSP launcher), but it won't finish the download. I get the following errors: rsync: rename "/cygdrive/d/Kerbal Space Program/Launcher_Data/.output_log.txt.EX8SuE" -> "Launcher_Data/output_log.txt": Device or resource busy (16) rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1668) [generator=3.1.2] Process_stderr canceled [0] rsync exited with code 23: Partial transfer due to error Canceled [0] I tried removing the mods I had, and trying the update again, but it doesn't fix the problem. Is there a way to fix this? any help would be appreciated.
  18. I'm having a similar issue. I update the game via the launcher, and it updated to 1.1.3. The updater insists that patch files were unable to be synced, I'm guessing the ones pertaining to 1.2. I have tried removing the mods I had, to no effect.
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