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  1. I rigged something up for you real quick. 29 stars, 57 planets, 82 moons, no asteroids. Hopefully this will be small enough for your use. Link here:!amIVTaKI!lw8TT8iHJrV9dfafLWBcbe0HWPYlwc7UDx6vM8sJ5rY That's the config you'll need, granted I generated it in a slightly older build that I dredged up from my downloads folder, but it should still be functional. If that isn't small enough, when you open up the galaxy gen file, hit c for custom galaxy, and then when you get down to the option, hit y for advanced settings. This will allow you to tailor the exact number and type of stars you want for your galaxy, and you can slim it down further that way.
  2. The gamedata folder is an automatic thing created by the game itself. The purpose of that folder is adding mods to the game. To add a mod, simply paste the folder for said mod in the Gamedata folder of your KSP build. The html and txt files go in the main To Boldly Go folder, which contains the mod and everything needed to run it, and the To Boldly Go folder goes in the Gamedata folder. Hope that isn't too confusing, it is a bit of a mess of folders. Let me know if you need more help and I can get you some pictures and show you how to set it up step by step.
  3. This looks like the exact thing Spanner is looking to fix with the revamp. What you have found is a mesh/texture issue; the mesh literally just stops existing in that crack. Only way to fix that is with a mesh update, which will likely happen Eventually™
  4. Try Naval Artillery Systems (NAS), they have a Mk15 5 tube launcher and a Type 93? quad launcher for long lance torps, or I believe SM marine is the spanner mod with his Mk 32 triple tube launcher, which also works very well.
  5. Hey spanner, I've been kinda spitballing an idea around in my head that I thought I might share, you might find it interesting. I don't know if you are familiar or not with project HARP, but, in short synopsis, it was basically a project to take a massive gun, and fire payloads into space for testing purposes (never did work). To achieve this, they got 2 old 16"/50 battleship cannons from the US navy, and then took the two barrels and mounted them together as one, effectively creating a 16"/100 calibre cannon. Also, to achieve the speeds they were hoping to achieve to get their payload into space, they designed a sabot round for this behemoth of a gun. So, we have a seriously massive gun, firing a 16" round with a 6-7" sabot round inside. Range would simply be immense, too much really to model in kerbal, where radars barely stretch to 40 km and most guns can't hit or even target that far, but to put it into perspective, I believe it still holds the record for the highest projectile ever fired by a cannon, vertically firing a shell about 110 miles up. No actual wartime rounds were developed for this monstrosity, as it was intended to be used for research, but we could probably hypothesize that if we made battleship sabot, it would probably be a little over twice as heavy as a normal research shell, or, roughly 1/3 the weight of the 16"/50's 2700 lb Mk 8 super-heavy round. Background basics aside, here is the idea. Considering that the massive HARP cannon was built from 16"/50 calibre cannons, the same as on late American battlewagons, theoretically speaking, with some modifications, you could re-equip a triple gun 16"/50 mount with these 16"/100 HARP guns. That's the idea in a nutshell. Create a battleship style turret, with HARP cannons, in a dual or triple mount. Just something (very) fun to maybe consider. EDIT: I got bored and was playing around with sketchup and mocked up kinda what I thought such a turret would look like. Sketchup isn't a particularly powerful modeling program and I didn't put too terribly much effort into it, but I think it gets the job done as a concept model rather than a finished product. In the mean time, my next project will most likely be a refit of my first LBP ship, the L.K. Dudley Class destroyer, so hopefully I can get that done and put shots up soon. Also need to reupload my old pics, since it seems hostthenpost fell off the face of the earth.
  6. Hello again friends, got a pair of new ships I finished the other day that I thought I would share. No real life basis for either of these really, just whipping some up to fill in and satisfy roles within my fleet, and I think these should do the job. First up of the bunch is the Everhardt Class Battlecruiser. Both ships of the class are armed with a compliment of 8 14" guns in 4 twin turrets, and have solid AA protection, although they do have a very minimal secondary armament, with only 2 twin 5"/38 mounts per side. Speed on these ships is excellent, although they are very heavy as a result of the ballasting work I had to do on them to get it balanced in the water (which leads me to a suggestion for spanner which I will get into after pictures), and as a result they have a huge and sluggish turning circle. Each of these boats are the center of a flanking cruiser task force designed to quickly flank and whither down enemy fleets that are bogged down in a slugging match with my own main fleet, with the Everhardt's and/or a Durin or Shelby Class Superheavy cruiser (or large cruiser, basically my fleet's Alaska's) providing the heavy firepower. Shots of the Everhardt Class: Next up is the Ainslie Class Light Cruiser. This is the mod 3 refit of the Ainslie's, though considering how much has changed between the mod 2 and mod 3 refit, they are basically new ships. The early Ainslie's were basically heavy destroyers, but with 9 6" guns. They had a very slim hull profile, owing to the hull that I built them on, but as a result their superstructures and guns made them IMMENSELY top-heavy, which could cause them to capsize in hard turns. The mod 2 refit had them in a slightly better place; their AA protection had been increased allowing them to better fit the role of a fleet AA ship, and the superstructure had been trimmed down to alleviate some of the top-heaviness, but the fundamental issue remained: the effort to get a light AA cruiser into as small a profile as possible just wasn't working. Either the superstructure and main armament needed to be scrubbed and basically start over on the hull, or the hull needed to be expanded to allow it to better fit what it was meant to do. I went with the latter option and got creative: So, the original Ainslie's were built on the small modern hull set, and I wanted to keep as much of it in tact as I could, which meant that I needed to build around the existing frame as much as I can. First step in this process was removing the original bow, and replacing it with the medium modern bow to better fit the profile I was aiming for. Next I took the tumblehome bow section, and put two back to back and put them on the sides of the existing hull, giving it a very smooth, curved appearance, plus a much wider beam, which helps substantially with the rolling problems that these ships used to face. I used scaled up parts from the destroyer superstructure to give the stern a more pleasing, rounded shape. With some work with the structural plates, I was able to disguise the whole thing so you can't really tell how it was constructed unless the light hits it just right, or you're looking below the waterline. After finally getting the hull shape to a place I was happy with, I turned to the superstructure. The helm and front superstructure was salvaged, though slightly modified, from the mod 2 refit, and the rest was built up around it. The aft 6 inch turret was raised onto a platform, allowing for better superstructure ergonomics and more AA mounts. The old school 40 and 20 mm mounts were removed to allow for even bigger and badder AA mounts to be put in. The ship ditched its pitiful dual purpose 3 inch secondaries to gain 4 twin 5 inch/38 turrets, two per side, along with a massive amount of quad 57 mm and triple 30 mm AA turrets. The end result is a powerhouse of a fleet AA escort cruiser which can easily cover any floatilla it is sailing with, with enough firepower to hold its own in cruiser v cruiser engagements. The speed and maneuverability suffer compared to the smaller and lighter mod 2 refit, but the gains in protection, stability, and firepower more than offset this, and it is still very reasonably quick and maneuverable. Overall this was a fun little project to put together, but enough rambling, here are the shots of the Ainslie Class, post refit 3: Now, on to that suggestion I mentioned with the Everhardts. If you look at the shots I posted of the Everhardt, you might be able to notice the obscene amount of ballast tanks I had used to get the ship balanced out at the waterline (I think there are 10 total under there, including some stacked on top of each other to put more weight in one place). I found it pretty hard to work with these tanks, since I couldn't tweakscale them to the size I needed for this boat, and the end result looks sloppy, but honestly the boat is so delicately balanced that I'm scared to try and merge them into the hull and give it a cleaner appearance. Anyway, while I was working on it, I was thinking about the possibility of torpedo bulges. Most warships of any type would have them. If we had a set of torpedo belts that could snap to your existing hulls, it would increase underwater protection for our boats, plus, if you give us the option of filling them with sea water, we could use them to adjust the ballast as well, which for a large ship like the Everhardt, which took 8 full ballast tanks and 2 partially filled tanks to correctly ballast out, would make things vastly easier. The ballast tanks are awesome for smaller ships, and for precision adjustments, but for full blown battlecruisers, battleships, and the like, they do start to lose their effectiveness. Food for thought I hope, still loving these mods and the possibilities they hold, have yet to try out the new update as of the moment, currently working on trying to finalize a stable build to save before I start messing with it again. Love your work, hope you enjoy mine!
  7. You don't want to be slapping the NKD folder inside the BDA folder, you want to be placing it in your gamedata folder. Placing it in the BDA folder will just break NKD and I suspect probably BDA as well. Try putting it in the gamedata folder instead and see if that fixes your issue.
  8. Thanks! Glad you like the ship! If it isn't too much to ask, I would love to see a 14 inch triple turret similar to those fitted to the New Mexico Class battleships. Would love to do another replica of something kind of like those boats, plus I have a few personal designs that could put them to work on. The 3 inch double mount AA gun would be extremely helpful for late war to early post war ships like the Worcester above and the similar Des Moines class as well if you wouldn't mind. I'm a huge fan of the quad mounted 57 mm AA guns that SM Armory provides when I'm working on personal designs, easily my current favorite AA gun, but I would certainly love something like the twin 3 inch's for the additional range and heavier flak as a supplement to those guns.
  9. Hey guys! Just wanted to show off a recent project of mine. I did the as-good-as-I-can-get-it replica of the Iowa a little while back, and I had fun with the project so I decided to try it again. This time, I made the as-good-as-I-can-get-it rendition of the USS Worcester, CL 144. I did have some issues with this one, namely none of the guns I needed are in NAS or SM Armory. What I wound up doing was cloning the IJN 127 mm dual turret for destroyers, since that looked closest to the Worcester's dual turrets in my opinion, and then modifying their characteristics to more closely match the 6 inch triple turrets that do come with NAS, while giving it increased rof over those guns since these were automatically loaded similar to the mechanism that loaded the 8 inch guns of the Des Moines class. The 3 inch double turret secondaries are not represented either, so I wound up taking the 3 inch Mk 21 guns and using them to make pseudo double turrets. After the armament was taken care of, I focused on detailing the ship as much as possible. I think it came out well. Hope you all like it!
  10. Been a while guys. Got the 1.3 build installed, all is running well. Looks like you guys are doing really well on the mod thus far. Keep up the good work!
  11. This is a pretty awesome mod, and I appreciate the variety it adds to my KSP arsenal. I'm know you play world of tanks, but do you remember Gnomefather's sound mod for that game? There's a great variety of sounds included in that mod, and while it no longer works for WoT, I have adapted a lot of the old sounds to great effect to mods in KSP. Might be worth looking into if you're interested.
  12. The effect that you and Lancefoxcia are noticing is a problem I believe with the shaders which were updated in 1.2, and I wanna say it was affecting a few other mods too. I think all we can do is wait on a fix from the NAS crew.