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  1. I am using 1.3.1, strangely, as the current version number and latest version number match, they're both 1804!
  2. I got a crash again, but it's different... This time, it happens at the menu, right as the menu music starts playing, and the screen is loading, the game crashes. Got the Output log here: https://pastebin.com/raw/0mMzj4HZ I'll put in the title and tags that this is a dead post when solved.
  3. Again, we build a private jet!

  4. I got a crash again, but it's different... This time, it happens at the menu, right as the menu music starts playing, and the screen is loading, the game crashes.

    Got the Output log here: https://pastebin.com/raw/0mMzj4HZ

  5. Any cool music to play with KSP? This is just a place for anybody to comment cool songs for others. Here is a good song for landing on the Mun, or maybe a compilation:
  6. Cool ideas. This thread is dead, I know, just wanted to say thanks.
  7. Let's build a private jet!

  8. FIXED! AviatorArsenal was killing the game. I suspected it when the game pulled up it's name before crashing.
  9. What might a graphics related mod be? I mostly use parts mods.
  10. GOT the 'output_log'! Here: https://pastebin.com/raw/c3znYXaA
  11. So, I went to play some KSP, and with some new mods, I thought I was gonna have some fun.... then the game crashes, during the loading screen. Anyone willing to help? PS: I'm now willing to create a separate copy of the game to test the mods, it's worth it. Also, I will post the crash report up here, and give the thread the tag "resolved", if I fix it. Thank you. It was caused by mono.dll, I know that it means that some mods are outdated, but I can't tell what. I'm pretty sure it's not MK4 parts, and the Near Future modpacks all support 1.3. I have a pastebin link here for anyone who wants to try to decode it. Output_log: https://pastebin.com/raw/c3znYXaA
  12. So, I start with some new mods. boot the game, lag as usual, get into the SPH, and then I notice it: when I select a tab the first time, it's items appear as usual, but when I press any other tab, the first tab's items stay on the selection menu. This sticks until I create or load a vehicle. This makes building impossible. This may be a one time thin. If it isn't, I'll get some screenshots. PS: Once the problem is resolved, I will add a tag called "Resolved".' It just needed a restart. Yay!
  13. Okay, I was on the plane, and I turned my computer off to land, and I get home, boot up, and KSP's LF/ox tanks suddenly don't have any fuel!? I will add more info later.
  14. That one guy who constantly needs help with mods.

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