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  1. Hey Kerbas, fairly new with using GitHub, how do i clone your branch and then use it in game? Where would i go exactly? Edit: I beleive i found it, this is your repo, yes? https://github.com/Kerbas-ad-astra/Stock-Revamp/tree/fdd1f97dd50e9c5b2f6042e2c4e3256f6caed41a Then i just click download zip, or what? Github always confuses me. Second edit: Thank you SO much man. Everything seems to be functioning. Incredible job!
  2. Man, i really hope this thing gets updated. As is it may be a long while before we see it come to fruition.
  3. Alrighty, hopefully it gets fixed. While its fairly easy to ignore, without it would honestly be icing on the cake of visual effects. Having smooth curvature would really add to immersion and realism. Any idea about settings to mess with to lessen this effect? Also i mean to ask you Galileo, do you have any idea why some people have issues with terrain shadows? I have to turn them off due to loads of flickering and z-fighting, but i know others dont get it. I have a really great rig, do you have suggestions for Bias setttings that could possibly work?
  4. Hey guys, have ever noticed a black line along the curvature of the planet? It looks like a really aliased 1 or two pixel wide black line thats really choppy going around the planet. http://imgur.com/ghwzvpt http://imgur.com/a/0btxn Like that.
  5. I keep trying to fix various things, but i think the best idea at this point would just be to wait for an official release. It stinks when only half the textures are working or when you can't use any new parts. I guess patience is a virtue guys!
  6. The autostrut feature doesn't seem to be very effective. Rockets are still incredibly wobbly, KJR is sorely missed and will be extremely welcome when its updated. I honestly can't believe squad hasn't implemented something to fix that yet, its pretty ridiculous.
  7. Does anyone here experience the issues with shadows at the starting base? Shadows are basically horizontal lines continuously moving and scanning in an extremely ugly manner. Anyone have any idea what the hell this is? It happens on the flagpole, on shadows on my craft on the launchpad, some other buildings from the top view etc.
  8. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work for me. It gets hanged up on squad/parts/utility/comms antenna dts1. This is after i put // in front of every antenna inside the utility config in Vens mod folder. I even tried again deleting every single antenna entry out and it still hangs up on that, the only way to get it to run seems to be to delete vens completely. If anyone could send me a config or something, or explain exactly what files to alter, that would be great. Missing Ven's is like missing a huge chunk of my game, especially because im such a new player and i love the diversity of parts in the early game. Using modular rocket systems just isnt the same as vens.
  9. Hey guys, has anyone had any communication with Ven on the state of this mod? Im new here, and don't want to appear at ALL pushy, just curious. I recently started playing Kerbal and this mod is one of my must haves, i absolutely love the look of all the parts and all the new engines i get in the beginning to play around with. I haven't even landed on the Mun in career mode, but i love this damn mod. Hope to hear back from Ven or someone else soon, good luck with updating this!