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  1. I've been searching, to no avail, for a mod with a sockalike 3.75m docking port. I have a whole bunch of cool 3m station parts, but no port to stick them together with. So far the only one I've been able to find is from KW rocketry, but it's 10x the thickness of a stock docking port. Does anyone know of a mod with a more standard version? For example, I have a nice 5m port from Station Parts Expanded Redux. Edit: I may as well throw in that I've been looking for a 3.75m micronode (6 way connector) too, but I can make a ghetto one from some radial attachment parts I already have if nothing
  2. I also get this, but in sandbox. Kopernicus throws a very similar error at the same time, but only when SigmaBinary is installed.
  3. I get 40 errors when loading KSPIE 1.12.9 with no other mods, ranging from missing textures to invalid part modules to parts with negative costs. I've tried redownloading and the errors remain. They don't seem to affect the KSPIE parts I use, but I don't use a whole lot of KSP IE parts. Here's an excerpt of each error from KSP.log, and the line that came before it: [LOG 18:27:42.795] MainCanvas MASK: 3458764513820540928 [ERR 18:27:42.868] Error: Empty part config file [LOG 18:27:43.630] [AddonLoader]: Instantiating addon 'Starter' from assembly 'MiniAVC' [ERR 18:27:43.663] Error: Emp
  4. For your convenience, that post was: You should delete your old KerbalEngineer folder, then download the full source from github and extract the Output/KerbalEngineer folder. This will work and KER will load, but it obeys 1.1.3 rules when calculating your dV, so if you make use of new fuel flow modes you'll get incorrect dV readouts. But, with some common sense and a healthy fudge factor, you should be ok.
  5. I'm having problems with Scatterer too, I get super low FPS just looking at KSC, and then a crash shortly thereafter. The bottom of my log looks like fun: Looking at Scatterer's files, there's a ghost1.png, but not a Ghost1.png. Straight up removing Scatterer fixes all my problems, so this is definitely it. Edit: Renaming ghost1, 2, and 3.png to Ghost1, 2, and 3.png solved all of my problems. Everything works great now.
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