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  1. Hi, I am trying to find the IVA shown in the first photo on the front page, but...? Not a big plane guy, but the pod I would use all the time. I was about to make that same thing myself. Where is it in the download?
  2. ammonia means a part in game that holds "ammonia" "liquid ammonia" is a different set of letters than "ammonia" and as far as the game is concerned, may as well be "elephants" Kerbalism should ship with "big tanks" and some other tanks that hold "ammonia" as a resource. However, you're almost certainly going to get a ton of errors in general besides this trying to use two different life support mods. Since they suppress things about one another, possibly including the chemical plant processes, etc? Just use one of them. Also, screenshots.
  3. The size of the tank seems to scale in my game when I'm using this (I am using your config, with a few tweaks). The larger engines use, say, 8 hypergolics, but the tank just holds like 24 or 32 or something instead. Which is actually very good, even if it was unintentional by you, lol. The fact that it uses more means that each ignition is HEAVIER in resources, which actually encourages you to use the tweak menu to tweak down your ignition resource to only what you think you'll need, which is good gameplay!
  4. Musk lost all credibility to me as an expert on anything tunnel related after his insane plan to try and build a 400 mile long vacuum death trap tunnel... Fool me once... He should stick to vehicles, he seems pretty competent at various vehicles.
  5. Okay so yes I did not explain well enough. "C" is (Still) more weird than other keys, but not the only problem: Outside the probe control room: Keyboard acts like normal, all keys disabled when entering any window that captures the keyboard (mechjeb, or kos, for example, not specific to one mod). EXCEPT for "c" which even outside of the probe room, still brings me into the probe room when hitting it, even in a capturing window. I just now confirmed that that is still happening in version Inside the probe control room: Gets much worse. The entire keyboard never gets captured by any window similar to mechjeb. All keys do their normal things at all times. space will stage, numbers will fire AGs, arrow keys will move the view around in the background IVA, "T" will toggle SAS, etc. etc. even while trying to type in commands to another mod in its own window. Replication: No idea what to tell you, it just happens whenever I open any window that would normally capture the keyboard. Nothing triggers it, it's always the case from the start. Everything to do with probe control room doesn't get captured (anything inside it, and the activation for it while outside of it), everything else does (all other keys besides C outside the room) I can try to start stripping down to vanilla and building up different sets of windowed mods to debug, when I get time. Edit: also, no, not props, because problem is identical to what was happening with the probe control room back before I started working on my own IVA at all. So it's either not prop related, or it's specifically the ASET 40x20 or ASET 60x30 multifunction display props, common to both IVA before and after. Possible, but still unlikely because I also use those same 2 props in various manned IVAs without any issues.
  6. So I've been working on an improved IVA for this, but it's got all kinds of bizarre bugs. Like... staging and stage lock for no apparent reason don't work in probe control room -- exact same prop works in a manned control pod on same vessel, keyboard spacebar works (as if simply unlocked to begin with), but not probe control staging or stage unlock. Just stays locked. Plenty of EC, radio connection (spacebar wouldn't work without these anyway). SAS randomly sometimes doesn't let me push anything but stabilize, even in orbit mode, other times it does. Other times it just switches my mode without asking. Works just fine in manned IVA, smooth as silk. Several props don't seem to load again no idea why, but ONLY in that one IVA, everywhere else they work fine. I would have guessed this was just a mistake in placing the prop in a wall or something by accident, but it happened on several prop types (aborts, certain kinds of rotaries), consistently to the type, and like half a dozen of them. Having trouble remembering which exactly, I replaced several with other versions of themselves, like rotary switch with tumbler, etc. Stage lock was one, too, actually. Covered didn't work, tumbler did. Covered works just fine in all other manned IVAs. The probe IVA is also still not giving up keyboard focus -- you didn't write that in the changelog, but you said "above issues fixed" earlier, so dunno if you got to it or not yet. But yeah the KOS terminal or mechjeb or whatever should block ALL keystrokes from doing anything, it does in normal camera, and in manned iVA, but not probe IVA. Result = typing in "100" for mechjeb ascent for example will activate action groups 1 and 10, etc. IVA config so far if helpful: (requires ASET, ASET avionics, and flightsystems redux) also photo for fun! (And yes I know flight directors aren't pilots... I don't know how to edit the textures where the nametags are. Also I'm pretty sure "probe mission control rooms" like this don't even exist...?)
  7. You can already send the reports (for less science, since nobody analyzed it...) in stock KSP. You can't get the full amount, but of course you can't, because learning the most from rocks requires a geologist to examine them in detail, thus requiring you to get them to KSC or to a skylab. As noted above, the mod kerbalism lets you transfer samples to probe cores in the same ship, so you can move stuff from the sampling devices, to the core, then launch the core back into orbit to meet up with a mother ship. You're unlikely to find a mod that just does this, because it doesn't make sense in universe. However, as above, kerbalism will allow it to wok via a launch of just the probe (you can leave the heavy rover behind) for 100%
  8. I believe Kottabos did actually have other mods, for purposes of showing it would block modded parts, but it was only 1 or 2 of them, and random ones that are unlikely to be the culprit.
  9. I'm confused. You seem to be saying you want to send samples to orbit, but without actually sending anything physically back to orbit. If so, that doesn't make any sense -- they're samples, physical things like rocks and stuff, they have to be physically carried to somewhere with a lab to analyze, that's the point. There probably aren't any mods that allow you to teleport physical samples, because that's weird and sort of defeats the purpose. If you don't mean that, and I misunderstood, and you ARE able to get the samples to orbit, but just want to bring them back or analyze them on a different ship, then use kerbalism, linked above, which implements a system that allows you to move samples around between probe cores in a single ship--so you can send them up into orbit in a small ascending stage (no need to bring whole rover--science is in the probe core itself), DOCK, then move science, undock, and proceed going home with the mothership, or use a manned lab in the mothership to analyze or whatever.
  10. 1) This is all handled by the default game (attitude and action group firing like deploying stuff) 2) This would clash with the stock game and one of the most popular existing mods, which have rules about vessel connectivity that are general across the game already (and there's only one radio frequency, effectively). In other words, if your satellite is in low orbit, and as a player you already have relay satellites in line of sight anywhere, you'll already have signal, not just when it's over a PARTICULAR ground station. And it would be rather weird to have it not work like that. Perhaps you could have a mod that introduces a concept of civilian contractors in general, who have their own private radio frequencies, to justify why it isn't normally connected. That would actually be much cooler than the original satellite mod, and something I think would get more interest. There was a group making a mod that was to have separate network channels, but I forget the name of the thread, anyone? 3) Easy to do but fairly boring in-game, would take the form of one of millions of fairly generic "science" experiments for science points, most likely, or fulfilling a contract. Also, this implies the existence of high-res versions of what the ground looks like being available somewhere as a file, if you expect players to actually be able to view a zoomed in photo, which generally is not the case for planets in KSP. 4) Same issues as 2. ("5") The original just "adding parts" part of the mod: Also easy to do if you have models already, but somewhat boring. Just one more among hundreds of models to visually spice things up, otherwise it would not be much different than current experience, so you'd get relatively low interest levels compared to something more gameplay-oriented, like the private networks mod above. The exception is if you have VERY talented modelers and texturers to make things that are utterly beautiful and still in the art style of the game, if so parts alone will generate interest. Also, do any people at your company play KSP regularly? Has a lot to do with how much you would be able to really practically speed up mod making, outside of parts by providing models.
  11. Can't you make your own categories stock?
  12. I realize engines are obviously more valuable than a few meters of tank, but are not necessarily obviously more valuable than a few meters of tank PLUS the opportunity benefit of not spending money on robot barges, fancy avionics in the first stage, and landing hardware.
  13. Gray static is better, but still super boring to look at. Have you seen the mod probe control room? IIRC it doesn't do anything special whenbit loses connection, but it DOES definitely turn off every screen if you run out EC. If you ask the current developer about doing the same for lost connection, it may be doable. Warp by the way I just realized you could make not matter by just turning off UI with F2, so you don't get the notifications or see it top left.
  14. I wouldn't wait half an hour, I'd just go to the tracking station. If you actually intend to stay on the normal screen for ANY reason, including scripted burns, this becomes a terrible mod for you. Why subject yourself to bleeding eyes? It mqkes sense outside of the context of kos/rt/etc only IMO