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  1. I think I found a strange bug with the latest install - all the fuel tanks (regardless of size) seem to have the same capacity (225/275 LFO), and same for the freight/ore containers (600 ore). Can anyone verify?
  2. Tried it on a clean instance and they're fine now, interesting. Not sure if it was a conflict with Restock or something stuck in a cache somewhere. Will experiment later.
  3. It seems as though the new docking port models didn't go through in the update; they still seem to show up as the old broken-textured ones. Tried manual install and through CKAN
  4. Saw that a transfer window was up, so I sent something to Moho for the first time: After wrapping up the mission, it was time for some work closer to home. Starlab has been in orbit for about 100 days now; time to expand. Now I have to design a new mission patch for Expedition II....
  5. None of the screenshots I took of my nascent station turned out very good, so I turned one into a mission patch. A bit minimalist but mostly happy with it.
  6. Noticed while testing this out that the Advanced Grabbing Unit's and AGU Jr.'s lights retain the "on" texture when turned on and then off in the VAB, until the craft is reloaded. Edit: Just found another small bug - one of the alignment arrows on the Inline Clamp-O-Tron floats a distance away from the tunnel when opened.
  7. I... got bored while designing things in a testing save and tried to come up with a craft using only cockpits... which evolved devolved into this thing. Against my better judgement, I actually launched it, and once it crashed and exploded, I started "refining" it under the experimental philosophy of "don't change, only add" until I ended up with this atrocious thing. Yes, it's a tailwheel. Yes, those SAS towers are 100% necessary. Yes, I could have stopped myself and didn't. Even Jeb is beginning to question his life decisions. It made it to orbit. Barely. There's a reason I'm posting this here. I was going to just go "haha" at this adventure and then expunge it from memory until I realized that because my past playstyles never called for one, this might be my first functioning SSTO. I'm going to go lie down.
  8. Probably a cool idea for a later feature update, maybe a couple years down the line. I imagine if something like that was planned for initial release, we would have heard or seen shades of it already.
  9. This has been my concern as well, and I'm also somewhat confused as to what this means client-side for mods that reskin or otherwise affect the stock docking parts, like SSPE or Restock.
  10. Congratulations on the release - and it lives up to every second of the hype. Sped through and tried to find any remaining issues, forgive my unrefined writing:
  11. Just watched through the entire series and the quality just gets even higher with every episode. I'm going to remember EP18's opening flyby montage for a long time....
  12. Now that's a welcome surprise, I wasn't expecting it so soon.
  13. So yes, I'm not exactly brand-new. Actually, I've gone away twice now, only to always end up finding my way back (truth be told, I've been lurking a bit for a few months now). KSP's development drawing to a close got me thinking on its impact, and pretty directly pushed me into my current big project, an astrophysics degree. But I've got a bit of a ways to go beforehand (and another degree to finish first), giving me plenty of time to seriously revisit the game and push it farther than I did before. New save, new me. Glad to be back, and looking forward to growing alongside the community again (and relearning the game). I've missed being here after life dragged me away, and I'll try to stick around for a while this time. Screenshot tax of a heavily overfueled Minmus lander (being the exact same mission architecture I used for the Mun will do that, but I like the design):
  14. Finished the foundation of my main space station. Thank the Kraken for NavyFish's alignment indicator or I never would have gotten the second module aligned properly.
  15. All I have to say is, I never would have imagined Workshop support would be a reality two years ago. Well done as always guys!
  16. Honestly I'll pay another $15 for fuel/resource hoses and nothing else.
  17. Built myself a lander with some of the new parts and landed Jeb on the Mun for the first time in a long time. Funnily enough, I was going to use the 1-Kerbal Vostok ball, but decided against it because of the small amount of ablator. Turns out I only used up 10 out of 100 on the heat shield thanks to maneuvers, and the ball had 20.
  18. I for one haven't been this excited about a game in what feels like years. I can't wait to mess around with part skins. (Also, I'm back.)
  19. I sent up a Mun probe.... and KerbalTek refuses to save the updated ribbon set so I can't show it.
  20. 0/10, don't think I've ever seen you before. Which is strange considering you're a mod.
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