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  1. This is getting annoying. I've done literally everything to try and fix it, but still, I am stuck in the laggy, broken OSXplayer of KSP 1.2. By everything, I really mean everything. I have: 1) Verified the game cache many times 2) Opted out of Beta versions of the game 3) Restarted my Mac 4) Uninstalled and reinstalled KSP 5) Uninstalled and reinstalled Steam itself 6) Adjusted graphical settings 7) Asked about this problem everywhere. When the game loads up, on the main menu, it says the build number and in brackets, OSXplayer. I assume this is a prerelease player of 1.2, and its not going away no matter what I do. The performance on it is absolutely garbage, and sometimes the textures in game will completely break while giving me an absolutely nonexistent FPS. Given that 1.2 is supposedly have to have helped performance wise, this is exceptionally infuriating because I have literally NEVER had this much lag and game breaking glitches in KSP before. I'm desperate for a fix, could someone please help out because I am completely stumped.