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  1. I hope I'm not asking something that has been answered before, but I'm getting ready to transfer my 1.2.2 "universe" to 1.3 and there is a lot of information out there to process while "upgrading." Is RSS for 1.3 expected to break saves? If it is I might just keep going with my old 1.2.2, then edit and cheat things back into shape when 1.3 is out, instead of going to the trouble twice.
  2. I've just discovered this mod, but if you look at "DefaultFlightPlans.cfg" in the KramaxAutoPilot folder it does have some basic instructions at the top. It doesn't look too complicated -- basically you just enter values for waypoints, but you'll have to figure out the waypoints yourself. There are a bunch of examples given, which I'm hoping can be easily tweaked for personal use...
  3. Getting off topic I know, but my method might work well for you. When I copy a KSP install out of the Steam Library I still link to it using the "Add a Non-Steam Game" option under Games. This keeps all the Steam features (streaming, overlay) except achievements, but you don't have to worry about Steam auto-updating the game.
  4. I would say that your playstyle sounds suited to MKS. I've done much the same myself, and now that I feel reasonably confident with basic KSP play I've started an RSS game from scratch with MKS added, and so far so good. I think MKS is only daunting if you are trying to be really super efficient with it. Me, I just over-engineer everything with plenty of spare capacity and sit back and let it run.
  5. When updating to the latest CCK or USI tools should we always delete the old or is it okay to just copy over? Actually, typing this, I'm pretty sure "always delete" is always the correct answer, but I'm going to leave the question just to make sure.
  6. Is there a downside to running it in Windows 10 with DX9?
  7. Just for future reference, you can use Notepad to open .cfg files.
  8. I *did* know that, just trying to stay away from generic ore in this particular game. I'd rather actually use Karbonite. I'll take some time tonight and watch the tutorials on it.
  9. Thanks for the quick response. So just to be clear, if I'm going to manufacturer rocket fuel on the Mun (or Moon, in the RSS game I'm setting up) I'm going to need Karbonite? Kinda sad about that as it goes against the whole "real" thing, but hey, I'll deal. I haven't read up on the mod yet since I wasn't thinking I'd use it, but can you tell me what real world resource Karbonite is supposed to represent?
  10. So with MKS giving me so many real materials to mine and process, do I really need Karbonite in my RSS game?
  11. The thing with the Orion is that it is, relatively speaking, kinda low tech, which means it should go pretty early in the tech tree, IMHO. Which would *really* change the flow of any game using it -- not that that's a bad thing! It also depends on whether you think whatever political system Kerbals adhere to could handle the fallout (ha ha) from surface launching these babies.
  12. Just a note that it looks like the PSA Greenhouse is in a dev hold, if not abandoned, and hasn't been updated with the latest USI configs.
  13. Putting together an RSS install from scratch and I'd really like to include SMURFF, so the questions: Does SMURFF play nice with SETI -- Unmanned before Manned? and Is there any issue with also running KSP Interstellar Extended? Thanks for a super great mod btw.
  14. So are Near Future and KSPI-E not very compatible? Is it best to run one and not the other, or are there just some issues that one can work around?
  15. I'm glad you brought that up. I'm about to start a new (my first) RSS game and was looking into SMURFF over RO. Does SMURFF play nice with MKS and USI-LS? Anything I need to know?