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  1. As much as anything is! But yes, I use KSPI with my RSS install as my base game.
  2. Looks like we may need to add UraniumNitride (used in the PebbleBed reactor) to the list of materials we need ISRU for. I don't see a way to process it yet. What would it be processed from that is available? Like Uranium 233 I'll just cheat some up, but I do like to make sure I have the prerequisites first so I'm not *really* cheating...
  3. Once again I am probably just missing finding it myself, but is there a way to mine, extract or convert Uranium-233 in game? I need it for the rotating fluid bed nuclear engine. Thanks.
  4. Reporting back: It's working for me, and I am on a 1.8.1 KSP/RSS/hundred mod+ Frankeninstall, so if it's working on this it should work fine for anyone. Thanks again for rezzing yet another great mod!
  5. Thanks and not yet. I'll give it a go when I have time and report back here the results.
  6. I really appreciate you reviving this mod linuxgurugamer. And of course I have a request/question -- is it in fact compatible with 1.8.x? I'd love to add some mass drivers into my system, but I'm frozen at 1.8 for the time being.
  7. First off, you are in the release thread, not the support thread! The support thread has a lot of info from people getting beamed power to work (or, sometimes, failing to). But in any case, more people keep up with that thread that might be able to help.
  8. The slider? Sigh.. I knew it was something obvious. I thought the slider determined the size of the tanks, I guess. It never occurred to me that the "refrigerator" would work as a heater too. *facepalm.jpg* Thanks! Now I can get my fuel depot going again.
  9. Once again I suspect I am missing something obvious. I am attempting a basic ISRU production to produce cryo H2 from hydrates. All was going well until I hit the step of trying to use the ISRU Refrigerator to convert my Hydrogen to liquid H2. Everything looks good. There is ample power, my H2 tank is empty while my Hydrogen tank is full. But I am getting no activity. The only buttons I see are to "toggle Refinery Window" and "produce fusion pellets". Toggling the refinery window only brings up the options to use atmospheric extraction or solar wind. Atmospheric extraction when toggled do
  10. Very nice to see a more up to date tutorial for Interstellar, but no images before Fusion spaceship. An example of construction. are loading for me.
  11. Oh I have waay too many mods to consider any gameplay canon. It's all in what one personally wants to handwave, really. I know I'd never use LF for a NERVA in *my* game, but if I did I'd have to imagine it has a small refinery built in to process hydrogen out of the kerosene...
  12. I have a lot of mods too, and the only way I keep my sanity is to get KSP working like I like it then freeze the install. Turn off all updating from KSP and mods alike. You can even do this on Steam. Just copy the install away from the Steam folders. You can still link the game to be opened from Steam if you want, although you will not gain any achievements and such anymore.
  13. Then NERVA should not be working. I can't see LF as LH2. LF is stable and requires no cryogenic cooling -- it is a stand in for kerosene or other room temperature rocket fuel that also requires an oxidizer.
  14. Not entirely certain which part of the WIld Blue universe the part comes in, but the Radial Airlock seems to be upside down. As in any Kerbal exiting clings to the door head "down." Yes, the part can easily be flipped, but then the window is on the bottom, which looks wrong. I'm still running on 1.8.1 so I don't expect a patch, but is there any .cfg edit I can make that will flip the axis?
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