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  1. Er, checking the front page I still get a bunch of "LINKS REMOVED BY MODERATOR" notices instead of the download links. Is this some sort of caching issue on my part or a mistake? I assumed because the thread was reopened any license issues had been resolved.
  2. It should be the XT-L-KRAB "Landertron Box" which is included in the download. I haven't actually used this mod though, although I will be. In fact, I just put together my own jury-rigged version with manually controlled downward pointing Separatrons to give a slightly overweight capsule a softer landing. I should have known that someone in the community would have already done a mod for it!
  3. [1.2/1.3] SpaceY Expanded, v1.3.1 (2016-11-03)

    Soooo.. While updating my mod heavy RSS game to 1.3.1 I belatedly noticed that SpaceY is technically not compatible with anything over KSP 1.2. The thing is I've been using the parts "just fine" for months in KSP 1.3.0 -- at least the solid fuel strap on boosters. So what's the problem? Maybe nothing, since if it works it works, but I'm wondering if I'm missing anything. Is there some problem with continuing to use an obsolete parts pack like this? Some issue that might be causing me trouble that would not be directly connected with the parts? Because I'd sure hate to lose the SpaceY solid boosters, just from the aesthetics alone.
  4. [1.3.1] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    This is great! Looking forward to trying the new features out as soon as I can upgrade to 1.3.1. Yes, I'm one of those guys waiting for mods to catch up -- upgrading KSP to even a new minor release is always an all afternoon affair, especially as I run RSS...
  5. [1.3.1] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    Good old linuxgurugamer! Is there any mod he can't resurrect!? Thanks for the link, I used to use this very mod, nice to see it updated. Sadly, it still does not function in jetpack mode -- the Kerbals have to walk. But back to allista's mod -- even without being able to remotely control Kerbals, just having the ability to give TCA commands to other ships without shifting focus is going to be great for any of us who base build or just like to sit comfortably in a mother ship and boss everybody else around.
  6. [1.3.1] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    That would be super! Just as you're showing it would be extremely useful and fun to play with, but... Since no project is complete without creep, would it be feasible to control EVA Kerbals with this or a similar system?
  7. [1.3.1] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    That was hilarious, and great EVA control btw! In other news, TIL that your autopilot can control a ship not in focus. I had no idea. Tell me, how feasible would it be to develop a remote control for ships you are not focused on? Just basic stuff like attitude control and such -- it would be really handy for docking, not to mention the cinematic effects one could produce if you aren't having to switch control focus all the time.
  8. Known issue for a few versions, I think -- at least for me. Workarounds: 1) Some have reported that putting the decoupler and the engine in the same group in the staging list works, although that doesn't allow any pause between firing the engine and staging, and 2) watching the launch and tapping spacebar at the appropriate times.
  9. I've found the sweet spot to be around 30 km to get a consistent close landing spot from Mechjeb. Honestly at this point it works more as a monitored flight, landing and docking assistant than a fully automated independent pilot. Still extremely useful, as I let Mechjeb set up my basic approach and then heavily tweak it and maybe grab control for the final approach. Admittedly that works better for high space maneuvers and docking -- for landing I just set up the approach to give MJ as simple a solution as possible. Oh, and yeah that "G" key workaround has been a thing for a few versions now for me.
  10. MechJeb definitely doesn't like KSP-IE nukes, that's for sure, but you can still use him to set up the basic maneuvers and then tweak them. Or just live with the inaccuracy and make more corrective burns.
  11. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    It's actually not that hard to do, even if you aren't exploring extra solar. I like to set up extended future history timelines and colonize the solar system from scratch. That sort of project can take a while! But another thing to consider is that, if life spans are going to be implemented, we shouldn't assume that all new hires are going to be fresh out of the nursery. They'd already have an age, and that becomes another something to watch out for even in a campaign that only runs a few years. Don't necessarily want to send old Bill out to Jupiter if he's pushing retirement! Best to keep him close to home in the LEO spacelab.
  12. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    I could see several different approaches. For stock, a reduced (from human norm) life cycle might be appropriate. Maybe only 25 - 30 years. But for those of us who like RSS, emulating the human norm would of course be preferred. And I realize that travelling too far down this road leads to madness. After all, Kerbals spring to life in Kolonization fully adult and ready to go -- should we not provide a childhood for them? Perhaps then school and college? Personally, I'm okay with skipping that part of the Kerbal Sim, but it could be argued that the total life expectancy be equivalently reduced so that the active productive Kerbal life even in RSS might only be 30 - 45. Or just say screw it and let the end user choose...
  13. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Heh. Maybe not yours, but mine die with distressing regularity, but just not from old age. But now you got me thinking about it, I wouldn't think it would be too tough to code some mod that would keep track of a Kerbal's age, and then after so long plus or minus a few years "retire" them to tourist status, then after a few more years "retire" them permanently. I mean, it's kinda the responsible thing to do, since Roverdude already has them reproducing. And before you tell me to, I'd love to code such a thing -- but my Kerbal Koding experience is limited to cutting and pasting at the moment, not to mention a time shortage. But I'd definitely use such a mod. Even without flying a generational ship (great project by the way) just having to watch out for the advancing age of your Kerbals would add an interesting extra twist to Kerbal management.
  14. I mistakenly posted this over in the development release thread -- reposting it here. Happy to see development moving forward! But any word on the WasteHeat management issue some of us have been having since version 15.x? My beginner Solid Cores started behaving very differently, and what worked before really didn't work at all anymore necessitating a rollback to 14. My question is was this an intentional re-balance, or do I have something broken? I'm happy to provide logs and such if needed, plus a lot more specific info than I gave in the above (distracted by RL now, but can give a better issue report later if needed).
  15. Whoops wrong thread. Reposting it to the support thread. Sorry!