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  1. Oh I have waay too many mods to consider any gameplay canon. It's all in what one personally wants to handwave, really. I know I'd never use LF for a NERVA in *my* game, but if I did I'd have to imagine it has a small refinery built in to process hydrogen out of the kerosene...
  2. I have a lot of mods too, and the only way I keep my sanity is to get KSP working like I like it then freeze the install. Turn off all updating from KSP and mods alike. You can even do this on Steam. Just copy the install away from the Steam folders. You can still link the game to be opened from Steam if you want, although you will not gain any achievements and such anymore.
  3. Then NERVA should not be working. I can't see LF as LH2. LF is stable and requires no cryogenic cooling -- it is a stand in for kerosene or other room temperature rocket fuel that also requires an oxidizer.
  4. Not entirely certain which part of the WIld Blue universe the part comes in, but the Radial Airlock seems to be upside down. As in any Kerbal exiting clings to the door head "down." Yes, the part can easily be flipped, but then the window is on the bottom, which looks wrong. I'm still running on 1.8.1 so I don't expect a patch, but is there any .cfg edit I can make that will flip the axis?
  5. Thanks loads. Not using KCT currently, but as I said I have a lot of other mods, which is why I haven't come in before with a good bug report. Thanks again for the workaround!
  6. I'm also having this problem in 1.8.1. I'm not sure what KST is though, but I have about a hundred other mods. Could you show an example of which file to edit and how?
  7. Remember you must press Ctrl+K while spawned into a craft. It doesn't work on the Kerbal Space Center screen.
  8. Any time I close KSP 1.8.1 I have to completely restart my Windows 10, 16 gig RAM, machine to restart the game -- otherwise I just get hung on the first loading screen. Checking the task manager I'm not seeing any instance that I can identify of KSP still running in the background. Does anybody have any pointers to anything like a cache that I could manually flush or a process I could stop?
  9. When using the Inline Solar Thermal Receiver Dish I notice it wants to default back to Beamed Power after a focus change even if Solar Only has been previously selected. Any way I can lock this down, or even edit out the Beamed Power option entirely?
  10. Ah okay. The Krusader is down the Nuclear Propulsion track, which is why I missed it. Thanks!
  11. In my experimenting with relatively low-tech beamed power, I notice that the old Thermal Rocket nozzle has been depreciated. So, what do you use in place of it if you want a beamed infrared launcher? The (somewhat broken but I've figured out some workarounds) Ablative Rocket Nozzles? Also why the depreciation?
  12. A search is not helping me here, but I notice that sometimes when Tweakscale resizes an engine, the exhaust is resized with it, but other times it is not. Is there a relatively simple line of code or two I can add to a .cfg to force the resize? I have a feeling this is one of those RTFM moments, but I would appreciate any pointers.
  13. Let's say you build a more "traditional" craft using the Ablative Laser Nozzle (after all, the rocket equation still applies, especially at lower tech levels). You have a lower stage powered by the ALN, a middle stage also with an ALN, and finally the payload. As it stands now on my install, once the lower stage has completed its burn and separated, the ALN attached to the second stage is also out of propellant. In fact it does not matter how many ALNs you put on a craft, the propellant load apparently stays the same. Interestingly enough, this even applies when the payload is fully encased in one of Ground Construction's fairings, which actually spawns the payload during fairing ejection. If the payload is powered by an ALN that ALN is also empty of propellant. I've been able to build some orbital rockets using cheating methods. I Hyperedit fuel back into the stages as soon as they separate, so that sorta works, although I'm pretty sure it gives me a very "unrealistic" dry/wet mass ratio.
  14. Thanks! Your videos were still a big help, even if you didn't use the ablative nozzles particularly. I've been able to get an ablative stack working and a bunch of infrared lasers set up to boost it (hint, the trick was moar power -- a lot more power than I was first starting with). Once I figured out which windows to have open and which outputs to watch it wasn't that hard, although the visual glitch that the ablative nozzle looks like it is putting out fire when there is actually no thrust was confusing. The problem I am having now is what I mentioned in my next post. Apparently all the ablative nozzles feed from a central source on a craft, making it really hard to build something that stages. If you could check this and confirm I would appreciate this. I know this is not your mod, but you've got a lot more experience troubleshooting this stuff and I might have missed something.