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  1. Hello all! I just discovered this mod, and it is pretty amazing ! I'm testing many parameters making some landing nice to watch, and some other ending with catastrophic failures! But what I don't really understand is the calculation mode. Does it determine how many chute I need for landing with input speed, mass etc... Or does it give me the landing speed with the amount of chute I have set in parameters? Please, explain me.
  2. Thanks fo replies. Unfotunately, I don't know to programming in KSP. Maybe it's time to learn.
  3. Hi! I want to know if there is a way to make kerbal able to attach/detach in certain pods, like the external command seat (stock) or the advanced extravehicular suit (USI)?
  4. Hi! I wanted to start a new stock server with a friend. I followed the installastion instruction to set up the server. I configured it in career mode, with custom difficutly. (i configured the GameplaySettings and Settings files in the server, and the persistant file in client). But, each time someone connect to the server, the settings are resetting automatically to normal difficulty, and with all the buildings upgraded. I don't know why this is happening. Did I miss something? This is a bug? I read 3 years old post that there is a bug with x64 version. This bug still present?
  5. Despite being written that "still working fine in 1.3", i can't get contracts. All the pre-requises are met, but the contracts are not offered. Si, it isn't working fine in 1.3. I tried with all my mods and stock only too. Nothing to do... Too bad, the contracts are good.
  6. I made other tests and it seems that any part shared 30days of hab time to the close vessels.
  7. The wikis are very good made. But what's happening in game is different from what is explained in wikis. So I need clarifications. I launch in orbit the stock Kerbal X vessel: the hab time is 30days I decouple the main booster, it is very close. The hab time is 60days Now, it is more than 150m (share dsitance). hab time: 30days It's repeating with the second booster I understand that if there is a vessel whit habiation module at less than 150m, the hab time is "shared". The problem for me is, here, the boosters don't have habitation modules, so wh
  8. Hello! I'm using for the first time USI-LF ans after some hours of tests, I'm confuse about habitation times. Each time I decouple a part from my vessel, the habitation time increase. For the exemple: with the Kerbal X vessel, when I decouple the main booster, the 30 days habitation time increases at 60days. If I decouple the second booster, it increases at 90days. This is a bug? Or do I miss something? Maybe I didn't understood the wiki.
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