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  1. It throws the version Warning on start up, but still works fine
  2. afaik the BTDT just makes the "Anomaly" marker to "Monolith01" on the map when using scansat. Never realy tried the dish though, but it never really worked for me when i tried scanning the monolith next to the runway. ("No anomalous signals detected")
  3. Hmmm...i came here to report a quite similar problem, but on Windows. I'm getting some sort of scanlines when in KSC or Flight view, but map and ts view are fine. I took some Screenshots (and the output_log file). Maybe its a conflict with SVE since i use this too. (can i have both? i want all that sweet eye candy )
  4. The available science for the Mun Lowlands biom show up trice. Cannot say, if things like this happen for other bodies, haven't been away much yet after installing that mod.
  5. Has that always been like that? i have to admit i barely paid attention to that much before (unless i was ascending) until now, where i read all the numbers extra careful to maybe find any flaws But its good to know that its working as intended.
  6. Hi there, its me again and i found something unusual again, this time in flight. This time its the TWR display in the "Vessel" tab while in flight. I took a few Screenshots. In summary: first i noticed that the TRW-Display in the "Vessel"-tab showed 0/450(-ish), from a running science-mode game craft (which it had not tested by a short burn), counting down fast, so took some screenshots (the first 4 pictures). I started a new sandbox game and build 2 testcraft where are the rest of the pictures are from. First i thought the tremendous amout of TRW was a glitch from switching to and back from Trackingstation but as it turs out it wasn't, but some other weirdness happens. TRW in the display was rising slowly without using any resources to make the craft any lighter. Let me know if i can provide any additional logs or files (while its the display while in flight i'm not sure if any log contains some useful information)
  7. Hey there, quick question about the ExoKerbol Core Drill. Or better its Animation. I read somewhere (i can't recall where exactly) that it can reorient itself (or its head) to reach the soil and has some limitations in terms of up to which angle it is possible for it to do so and is to be considered to be necessary for it to reach the soil to collect a sample Iirc it does so in 1.1.3. not necessarily while just performing a systems check in the SPH/VAB but when actually collecting a sample on a surface. Well, it doesn't do it anymore (just going straight forward) but gives you science anyway. I took a few a few pictures. Am I wrong about this or have it mounted wrong, or is there really a hiccup in its animation?
  8. I made a little picture guide here. While i have a lot of (part-)mods i stuck to stock-parts for this. If you need anything else (e.g a mod-list, other/more log-files) let me know.
  9. Ok, second try. Screenshots here (this time i also put descriptions) and the Output Log File. All my mod were released for 1.2. Nevertheless. some of the are the first iteration or are simply recompiled to work with 1.2 and surely have their own quirks and bugs. One of it might even be the root cause for this, but you ask to report any flawed behavior of KER, so i did.
  10. Hi there, i found a quirk while using KER and while i'm using a dev/test-build, i thought i might tell someone. It happens when using the SkyCrane part from USI-Kolonization mod. If SkyCrane is the rootpart of the vessel the vessel-stat show normal in the VAB, but when it is being rerooted (e.g. to a probecore) and another part is added (the vessel-stats are updated/recalculated) they vanish. When SkyCrane becomes root again and the stats are recalculated they show again. I made a small series of pictures here for illustration. Also the KerbalEngineer.log and the KSP.log if you deem the useful.
  11. I changed the fuel from the left nosecone tank, small tank and the middle big tank without a problem, but as soon as i right clicked the right nosecone tank this happens: Find the corresponding Log-file here After that no right-click menu works anymore (not only tanks, all of them). When the vessel is saved and you leave the VAB and enter it back again (and load the vessel) right click menu work again. You can even click the right cone tank. but after a few other right clicks on different tanks the error occurs again. I'm not even entirely sure that its fuel-switch fault. If not, tell me, so i can report that issue to the related mod-post.
  12. This is the Support-threat for that flickering issue. As for now its highly likely that a high part-count is causing this unrelated to a specific mod.
  13. It was? Curse my short term memory Will try that, thanks for the hint
  14. Finally i can science again (i love that parts) While Universal Storage been updated recently i load up a new game for testing, i came across an oddity: In the Stock Research Tree the US-"Science Jr." is found in the "Stability"-node (for 18 science), while the regular "Science Jr." is found in the "Basic Science"-node (45 Science) (along with the US-"Science Bay"). Might be intentional, but i'll guess there was a mix up between that two. In the Universal Storage post I have been told that this is a DMagic Orbital Science part.
  15. Yay its here much appreciated, can't wait for US2..keep up the good work. And as soon i load up a new game for testing, i came across an oddity: In the Stock Research Tree the US-"Science Jr." is found in the "Stability"-node (for 18 science), while the regular "Science Jr." is found in the "Basic Science"-node (45 Science) (along with the US-"Science Bay"). Might be intentional, but i'll guess there was a mix up between that two.
  16. Hi there, At first, i like the mod very keep it up As for upgrades, first thing that comes into my mind is the converter becoming more efficient over time (e.g. lighter, better conversion rates). As for balancing they could start of slightly worse than now and become slightly better than now. Also i don't know if it possible to mess with resource behavior, but food could become more nutritious (from your packed lunch-bag to the handy all-you-need-a-day Soilent K bars) by providing more food units per mass.
  17. Hi Nils, first off great mod and i love it. Keep up the good work. But i ran into an issue today. With TAC-LS being updated for 1.2 (v 0.12.5) all of the LS-converters of KPBS seem to be broken. They don't show any LS I/O in the VAB/SPH and don't convert anything. I made a small testcraft for illustration here. Maybe you can have a look at it.
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