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  1. Tough it's not specified to be ICBM fairing, since T-II's warhead had no fairing (AFAIK it was exposed during launch). However, it does look like the warhead if you shape it properly.
  2. I've been using this mod for a while and have flown quite a few missions, but after switching to 2.5x system and nerfing control systems (RCS to 25% and RW to 1%) reentries are nearly impossible. As soon as I point away from the prograde vector the shuttle either starts rotating uncontrollably or is torn apart by aerodynamic forces. I've moved the center of mass by moving fuel and increasing authority of control surfaces but nothing helps... Is there a way to avoid this?
  3. Nice. One fairly simple suggestion I'd have would be a double or even triple long steel Atlas tank for use on A-III, since it's first stage is way bigger than on early versions. The entire rocket is just a few meters short of A-V...
  4. Beautiful! I'm planning to use this for pretty much every unmanned payload above Delta II (aside from maybe an occasional Delta III-Centaur) up to it's max capacity (where Saturn takes over) so it's gonna fly a lot...
  5. Just want to point out that according to KE his TWR was high enough for a normal flight which makes the whole thing even weirder... From my experience (I've had problems like that before) the best thing is to just add mods one by one to figure out which one is causing this. It's usually some minor plugin that shouldn't do much in the first place but somehow causes issues like this...
  6. The white version was actually flown on Skylab missions and the service module was the same as on lunar flights (aside from being partially fueled)
  7. If I remember correctly, Luna and Venera, as well as some other probes were included in one of the previous releases
  8. The true sound of British rockets
  9. Ok, so I figured out the textures but I'm having problems with stock texture switch. If anyone could help me out with this... For some reason it works only on aero cap and the structural adapter (the last two). @PART[bluedog_Gemini_Crew_A,bluedog_Gemini_Crew_B,bluedog_Gemini_Parachute_A,bluedog_Gemini_Port_A,bluedog_Gemini_Structure_A,bluedog_gemini_cap] { %MODULE { name = ModulePartVariants primaryColor = #000000 secondaryColor = #000000 baseDisplayName = Default baseThemeName = BlackG VARIANT { name = TantaresGreen displayName = Blue themeName = BlueG primaryColor = #5d8aa8 secondaryColor = #5d8aa8 TEXTURE { mainTextureURL = UKAF/Textures/Gemini_crew_blue } } } }
  10. Fixed it. Turns out you have to use dds in order not to screw up the texture