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  1. I'm pretty sure even M02-Centaur is way more powerful than AV-551
  2. @CobaltWolf With the Atlas V revamp, are you planning to also add foam-covered Centaur?
  3. One solution would be to use LH2 instead of LF like irl RD-0120. It'd decrease the anmount of fuel in the tanks by mass and allow nerfing the engines' thrust... But if you aren't planning to do that it's probably best to just keep it as it is.
  4. It looks great, but isn't 2.5 m diameter too large for use as an Energia booster? And IRL Proton's diameter is nearly double that of Zenit... (7.4m vs 3.9m)
  5. Looks great! I've been using Delta III in my main career save, but I used the Centaur-T tankage instead of something closer to an actual DCSS. Btw, this mod does actually include an RL-10B with an extendable nozzle...
  6. Just when I got 1.4.2 to work...
  7. They are made from separate engines, fuel tanks... They are also balanced in a way to fit in with the stock parts.
  8. Is there a mirror download available from Dropbox or Github?
  9. Have there been any changes to the code in the last update? Old configs (I'm using the ones for CxA and a few other mods made by @Electrocutor) for some reason don't work for me with the latest versions of KSP and TU. The texture set seems not to be found, even tough it's in the same .cfg file as the texture switch module... The log file
  10. Glad someone finally made the Artemis lander parts!
  11. Great! That mod is amazing. Can't wait to start using it in my main career save once I switch to 1.4.2...
  12. So the timing for the stream wasn't quite right for me... How did it go?