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  1. About the rear fins... Are you planning to make them as control surfaces or actuators using a mod like KerbalActuators (which I'm assuming would be the best choice since it's already required)?
  2. Shuttle rescue system is the shuttle Do you have any links? I'd love to read more about it and maybe definitely recreate it.
  3. I use both. Kick stages (especially Star-37 & 48) are really useful with any launch vehicle and are some of my most commonly used parts. While I don't use Castor-120 as often as the kick stages, I have flown quite a few Carrack and Delta-Lite rockes.
  4. These are intended to look realistic. But imo Tundra parts look way better...
  5. Amazing (as always). Btw, is this on GH yet? It seems like the last update there was 3 days ago...
  6. This looks amazing. It definitely should be included in TiC (as separate parts, resized like Shenzhou)
  7. @Beale Have you ever considered doing the MOK modules? They're fairly simple so it could be comprised of 2.5m versions of current hab and lab parts... It would also give a payload other than Buran shuttle knockoff to Energia
  8. notJebKerman

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Space Shuttle Intrepid on it's maiden flight
  9. Bluedog Design Bureau has great parts for most versions of Centaur.
  10. Tough it's not specified to be ICBM fairing, since T-II's warhead had no fairing (AFAIK it was exposed during launch). However, it does look like the warhead if you shape it properly.
  11. I've been using this mod for a while and have flown quite a few missions, but after switching to 2.5x system and nerfing control systems (RCS to 25% and RW to 1%) reentries are nearly impossible. As soon as I point away from the prograde vector the shuttle either starts rotating uncontrollably or is torn apart by aerodynamic forces. I've moved the center of mass by moving fuel and increasing authority of control surfaces but nothing helps... Is there a way to avoid this?