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  1. I'm starting a new Kerbalism/RealFuels save with BDB and ProbesPlus as main mods and just have a few questions for anyone that has tried this before... -Which rescale is the best? I've tried both 2.5x and 3.2x, but can't really test everything. -Aside from Titan, which boosters also need a slight boost in TWR? -Is there a way to configure TAC-LS configs for Kerbalism? Resources are the same, it would just need a slight change in anmounts (and for some reason none of the cfgs I've tried writing have worked). Also, using TAC can create a few issues, even with proper configs.
  2. Since you're planning on adding both new SLC-40 & 41... Are you also planning on doing the original (Titan) version of the pads?
  3. Glad to see you're back! And SPT is no longer abandoned. Will try out those decouplers asap (I have some spy peaceful scientific satellites to launch and they are too big for the current payload thingy).
  4. Yeah... I mean... It doesn't really make sense to use one without the other
  5. I can't believe I haven't discovered that before. As much, as I love Apollo, when used with the Shuttle it's really limited (EM-1 is about as much as you can do without completely changing the stack)
  6. Since you got those screenshots... Were you able to access andegraf.com/rockets? Has a load of great graphics and information but recently I haven't been able to access it without internet wayback machine, where some stuff is missing...
  7. Great! Can't check it out today, but just wondering... Are those fins actuated by KA or are they proper airbrakes/control surfaces?
  8. Will probably have to do something like that for future missions. The one I posted already pushed the Shuttle to it's limits, it filled the entire cargo bay and used the entire ET + had to compensate ~200 m/s with OMS. I could increase the capacity slightly by using these but flyback S-IC is probably still the best choice for munar surface missions...
  9. About the rear fins... Are you planning to make them as control surfaces or actuators using a mod like KerbalActuators (which I'm assuming would be the best choice since it's already required)?
  10. Shuttle rescue system is the shuttle Do you have any links? I'd love to read more about it and maybe definitely recreate it.
  11. I use both. Kick stages (especially Star-37 & 48) are really useful with any launch vehicle and are some of my most commonly used parts. While I don't use Castor-120 as often as the kick stages, I have flown quite a few Carrack and Delta-Lite rockes.
  12. This looks amazing. It definitely should be included in TiC (as separate parts, resized like Shenzhou)
  13. @Beale Have you ever considered doing the MOK modules? They're fairly simple so it could be comprised of 2.5m versions of current hab and lab parts... It would also give a payload other than Buran shuttle knockoff to Energia
  14. Space Shuttle Intrepid on it's maiden flight
  15. Bluedog Design Bureau has great parts for most versions of Centaur.
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