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  1. oh right, i somehow missed that part of settings completely. Guess I'm actually retarded also the autoabort isn't that much much of an issue, I was planning some dank kOS scripting based an thrust fluctuations to fire up abort sequences anyway
  2. Since I'm waiting for other mods to update I decided to do some testing of this mod, mostly with fault chance ramped up to 100%. What I've discovered is that most of the time the failure just means losing 1 elevon or some control surface, maybe a fuel duct falling off. Overall I would suggest players ramping up the failure chance to 10%, maybe 25% to actually have a challenge, even engine failures don't have to end with everything exploding. However I have not been able to make use of the auto-abort feature, it's seem that (at least for me) it just doesn't fire no matter the settings or f
  3. Excuse me but where is the KLFSettings.cfg referred in the Readme? The pluginData folder is completely empty and the plugin folder has only the .dll also, Hello, I've made an account just to ask this
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