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  1. Sounds like a real reason. But, actually, we are not so crazy about labels and trademarks in Russia, so Roscosmos will never protest against their symbols in one of the most popular space engineering game =) Anyway law is law, so I can try contact Roscosmos with suggestion to grant Squad an official permission to use their symbols. All i need is Squad approving of this action, official proposal letter from SQ to RC, correct email where official answer to be send back and, surely, LUCK.
  2. KSP is not only about exploration, but about orbit supply and engineering too. Roscosmos deployed one of two existing global satellite navigation systems (GLONASS). It supply the ISS by crew and resources, deliver rocket engines for american Atlas III to help USA launch their probes... if all of this activities are not an "significant efforts", a have nothing to say anymore.
  3. Why there is NASA and ESA flags in the game, but not Roscosmos flag? Isn't Roscosmos is the only space agency in the World, capable to deliver astronauts to orbit and ISS now? I can suggest this one:
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