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  1. Beat you by a few metres But seriously, I'm going to try harder. This was literal edge of what the plane was capable of, so next time more wing, less fuel, and reaction wheels to hold the angle...
  2. Same question, slowest speed to hold altitude is essentialy a hover.
  3. This is why I made this challenge To learn the witchery of others Congratulations on 18,4m/s, that's almost a practical electric boat I will add the equator rule, that is an interesting observation.
  4. Well yes, because as I understand, many community members do not have expansions, and console players are (also as I heard) unable to mod their game. Stock bearings have been a thing for a long time, people even made planes using them and attached reaction wheels. It is very doable, but it's likely to wake up the Kraken. And it usually does. But you wanted to see mine. So, 1,7-ish m/s, terrible efficency, I had one that could do 2,5 That's why I made it a challenge. Because It's not easy, yet it isn't as time consuming as circumnavigation and things like that. And mind you I currently have FAR installed so it might work slightly differently in completely stock game, that's why I havent shared yet. PS bearings are easier to make when you can float them. Here's the vid. https://imgur.com/gallery/DRi7RpG
  5. Ahoy Rocketeers, Seadogs and pilots, I'd like to see how you tackle my little challenge The Challenge: Build the fastest paddle wheel boat, powered by electricity, then get in to the shore, and show us how fast will it go. The Rules: No mods or expansions for the spinny part(bearing), has to be electric Rating: Speed category: by sustainable Vmax only 1. Pds314 @ 18,4m/s Efficiency category: Vmax/power drain while at equator (power drain=power needed to move the boat at Vmax, measure without generating power at the same time, ) 1.Pds314 @ 8.97 In this challenge you will have to develop a stock bearing system, way of driving it by electric means. Even getting that to spin is a win in my book, so let's go! So far my best design reached Vmax of 9,6m/s, while draining 9,68/s, which is about 1000% better than my first aproach(actual math 2m/s with 20/s) One to get you started:
  6. @T-Bouw You have to be really careful, it's touchy But honestly I thought it wasnt so hard... So I went to try it again, and suprisingly, it is more controlable without SAS, and it just requires fast reactions. Yours looks nice and simple, very clean.
  7. I was working on a VTOL design at the time I found this thread, and it was quite unstable, and didn't have the power margin to save bad landing attempts, plus legs as landing gear, negative dihedral and so on, so here you go, one funky version, and one actually stable and nice version, just to warm up my soup... Attempted flying multiple designs, but I really liked the autogyro, so i kinda fixed it by trim, and it was quite flyable after that. Props to anyone who landed the Oscar, that thing is truly a challenge. https://imgur.com/a/mAhG7KU for the other pictures, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uAGKPA2EGVCySTTgHhwwE5_GrQAMfzxF/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ioU2Vy4oqThV2JdK_NeCmd6qUSSyhBbe/view?usp=sharing for the vids. https://kerbalx.com/Vit_Salava/MeatFly-B https://kerbalx.com/Vit_Salava/MeatFly-A(not the challenge)
  8. This challenge is fun, apart from driving the development of my "fancy" VTOL, via removing the rcs and making it flyable without sas, I tried flying @Klapaucius's Oscar, which is really hard to fly, and I didn't succeed yet. Also, @vyznev's Autogyro was nice, after adjusting the rotor tip deploy a bit more flyable, I even landed that. And @ShadoxFilms's Dragon is seriously fun to fly. I will post my attempts and the VTOL in a less controloble version when I'm done with them.
  9. My entry: The Bugger Flip m8... where is Chumbucket?
  10. Some of you were interested, so here it is: https://kerbalx.com/Vit_Salava/Skim-1
  11. Honestly, I just took how the real planes look and made it in KSP, applied a bit of flying model aircraft builder's "magic"(just the adjusted thrust angle really). The torque isnt that fierce, I havent had any problems with it flippping. It works fine, but I may need to give it a bigger HTP or move the wings back a bit, its twitchy. Aerodynamicaly. If you are interested, I will share the plane tomorrow.
  12. Thanks a lot, I like it oldschool, thats why the propellers
  13. I set forth to use proppelers, so I built a vague macchi fighter mashup. In the bigger lake, (which is easy mode) I managed to land and fly out of, with 45m/s v1 I had to stuff the plane into one end and nearly hit the wall on the other side. In the smaller hole I landed, but had no chance of getting out. Flatspin landings anyone? Rest of the images:https://imgur.com/a/MMAnxHa
  14. Where's the fun, mad max and explosions in wider wheelbase? Yeah, I will make it wider. and the controls are a solid idea, thank you for input.
  15. Thanks for reminding me of that techniqe. I joined the forums a bit after my kerbal zenith. You saved me a lot of anger nontheless. Appreciate it.
  16. Decided to try the Elcano challenge, built a mad max-ish rover and set off. After like 3km I rolled of a hill, prior to which i tried to repair my solar panels. Not giving up. Second attempt, rolled it 4km further. REDESIGN NEEDED. After a pause. Pictures are here
  17. See the pictures of my temple landing of a biplane without brakes: https://imgur.com/a/6LwLl42 Challenge by @Triop
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