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  1. @St4rdust Game updated, Jeb is alive again! Thanks for the quick fix!
  2. @MechBFP I didnt as it was preserved my Save files, so I've done it now (removed all files before reinstall) and it's still happening. @nestor - same link as before but new file i accidentally overwrote previous but this is a completely fresh install of game all previous versions and mod files deleted. Still getting the same issue. Ran the steam file verification program again. i can't find out what these files are but this occurred on all instances of reinstall.
  3. Breakdown: Gamemode was Career Mode; only have Making History installed. I started a new save (as i do every release). I had uninstalled all my mods and updated KER to start and it worked fine 2 night ago. Cue tonight I built a Mun flyby ship and sent it to orbit. Clicked EVA on Bob Kerman and He glitched out as a Zombie. I restarted and tried EVA on Launch pad. I thought might be bad files and attempted after verifying. Still happened when attempted any new and old saves. I uninstalled Ker tried again nope. and Ive uninstalled and reinstalled KSP on Steam and still have the issue. Link to a log @nestor
  4. @nestorI'm having the same Problem i had Kerbal Engineer Redux installed (only Mod) tried to EVA and got Zombie Kerbal. I reloaded save, Same issue. Closed verified files had 2 renewed, launched same issue on both new save (from Last night no issues) exited and removed KER. Still having Zombie Kerbal's tried old save and new game. Update: uninstalled and reinstalled the game same issue. Zombie Kerbal. FYI i have Making History i dont have Breaking Ground. Bought and launched through Steam.
  5. Well after a intermission i managed to finally finish construction of my Minimus Station . (No pic cause its really basic. But have a gif and you can kinda see what went wrong. So Yeah, I decided to play about with a MK2 plane or Kerbin itself. After a few tries i did a thing. So yeah i did sort of land it. But destroyed the engines in the process. But no Kerbals were hurt in the Flying (sort of) of this Plane.
  6. I installed them on the 3rd stage section. I used the Largest ones.
  7. Erm As suggested i have added this to KerbalX it is all Stock parts other than KER and MechJEB. craft file here
  8. Well, I think i put all the images i need into the Spoiler for you. its a short round up of the last few days. I have a Science Buggy that i sent around the KSC when i needed more science and had got new experiments. After that i have many images of my multiple trips to the Mun and Minmus. using my Mun/Minmus Lander design. The same design is capable of both. (although the Mun cuts the DV for the return to the edge). I have put in place 2 satellites one in the orbit of Kerbin with 2 RA-15 Antenna. on it. then i put my Scansat 1 in orbit of Minmus. The primary polar orbit for the Scanner to work and then secondary to use as a Relay for any missions to Duna. Now Duna. Heres the fun part. I have 75 days until my Duna Transfer window opens. And i took the Explore Duna mission. Do a Flyby, Get science, Return. i see all you wonderful people doing 2 stage missions. Mothership/return vehicle and a lander to Duna. So i thought i would give this a go. My lander isn't going to be a manned lander as i don't want to lose anyone to Duna. But. Can you take a look and give any advice over if it will launch or work based on the stats and design? this is my Unmanned module. Its sole mission will be to touch down on the Red wastes. This is my design for a transfer stage. So the whole thing i supposed to get into Kerbin orbit and then transfer with the Command Pod bringing what science it can collect back? Are their any parts you can see missing or anything i could do differently? Should i launch the lander stage separately or leave it as one? Would i benefit from a Middle 'Interplanetary' stage between the two? (main launch the orange tank and the Twin Boars next to it.
  9. Well, where to begin. After two evenings of game play I spent the first playing with my orbit pls design trying to turn it into a mun lander as well. This experiment sucked and I had no luck trying to do anything with it. (I'm on my lunch at work hence no pictures.) Day 2, I started more positive in attitude and managed to land a basic probe controlled rocket with bob kerman on the Mun with just over 900 dv left to come home. Sent what science I had home and hoped that I could unlock mechjebs ascent system to no luck. So I repurposed my orbit pls ship into a minmus flyby/orbiter with a probe control too. This went well with Haldles kerman the volunteer scientist in the crew cabin. It did very nicely reaching minmus with plenty of dv to use. I droped the orbit to around 20km and then EVa'd bob in each biome to gather the science from it. This done the probe returned a more learned bob to kerbin with just over 800 science. (after the mishap with Jeb going awol. Ground control decided that probe control was safer.) Jeb is still grounded. XD with that returned. With 75m/s dv left Bob was returned from the mun to applause and a very sulky Jeb. XD
  10. Was roaming kerbin with a science cae buggy thing was going about 12km/s. Got bored of waiting physics warped to x4. Science buggy imploded... Still don't understand why...
  11. Ok @KerikBalm That is amazing. I've not even started to play with Life Support Mods yet. Basic KSP breaks my brain. XD So Day 2 of my 1.3 Career, Ive spent about 3 hours trying to land Jeb on the mun without success. I do orbit easily enough but i crashed more time that i counted. I managed to land and took some lovely screen grabs. I think realized that i probably didnt have the fuel to return. (sub 1.2k DV) so i had to revert to auto save. Except that autosave was before i landed on the Mun (while in orbit). I decided to walk away before i get too frustrated. I will try again possibly try a Minmus fly by instead to grab the science there.
  12. omg this looks really good. What mod are you using and does it support 1.3?
  13. Hi I'm back again XD. Well guys, 1.3 is out and i've been tempted back to playing. I haven't got all my mods back yet (Haven't seen Kerbal Alarm Clock for 1.3 yet). Jeb started a new Career. Glory of Kerbin. So i did the basics for the start i did you traditional shoddy slapdash ships going nowhere for the Science. To get the Science around the KSC i built a contraption. of a Juno engine strapped to a mk1 with some Wheels and the science tech i had at the time. What i did forget was that i should have put a wheel on the front of the 'car' 'rover' thing. So yeah. This is Bob's adventure. With the Science from this adventure, I sent Jeb up to complete your standard; Break the atmosphere and orbit Kerbin. He did the Atmosphere easily and did a couple of parts tests on the way. After this i built a new ship 'Orbit Please' Now i think all of you will realize from the stats this is a little bit over built to achieve Orbit really. Lets just say that Jeb got the Orbit with alot of DV left over and Jeb went AWOL. Ignoring ground control he plotted and carried out a munar fly by even achieving a Munar Orbit for the science he could find there. This led to Ground Control panicking incoherently while Jeb was attempting the Maneuvers with manual Time Warps... He managed Orbit (Like an idiot he forgot to take any Pictures. But he did get a nice snap of this return trajectory. It was also at this point the engineers realized that there was no means of Electric generation on this ship... My next mission is going to be a Munar Landing. needless to say i will be redesigning the Orbit Please. But may keep the asparagus launch set up for any satellites or station parts i need to launch in the future, but damn that was over powered for its mission. XD Atm its nearly 1am. I have Grounded Jeb for going AWOL. I will have to let him out again after work tomorrow.
  14. mechjeb. And I use the For Science mod to collect the simpler science stuff that I always forget about.
  15. Erm I spent all evening trying to work out what i can do to listen to all you awesome guys that replied with advice in Thank you a lot all of you for all your help. I have started playing around using SFB's to get to orbit rather than waste the money asparagus launching with twin boars. Using MechJeb and reverting a lot i needed to get to orbit safely and retrieve two Kerbal's from the mun as a rescue mission. My current attempts on a style the cost is about 60k so half my previous costs.