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  1. You're entirely correct, my bad What I would love is some more varied biomes on Kerbin. Without a doubt it's possible to create stuff like forests, lakes, you name it... You know, the stuff that makes our own planet earth so beautiful. I understand that the engine has limitations but give the planets some love.
  2. I am all for more interesting planets. Seasons and weather would be awesome, as well as rivers (seriously, why are rivers not a thing yet?!).
  3. Hey I'm gonna try this with my chink 3 monitor setup- I have a 1280x1024+1920x1080+1440x900 setup, so that's gonna be a fun time Hope it works, that'd be lit. edit. I tried it; it doesn't crash, but the secondary window that I get is filled with garbage: I know this is with the texture mods, so I tried on a clean install but to no avail, I still get the garbage and the window doesn't do anything. I'm at work right now, if you need logs please hit me up on IRC PM (aeTIos) and I'll try to debug this with you. Running ArchLinux.
  4. This is really nice! Text looks a bit squishy though but more readable on those light backgrounds, but I also blame KSP for that because the text rendering in KSP absolutely sucks. Gonna use this!
  5. Hey, that's uncool! Try again later man. I wanna see what you made!
  6. Have not been online for a loooooooooong time. Just logged in to say thank you @Warezcrawler for reviving this mod. Now all we need is a thing to add RTS like base building and more automated stuffs like automatic supply routes via space. But this is a great start!
  7. YES YES YES YES. That would be amazing. I'd love to set up a mining operation, train kerbals to do it, and next let it run and generate money for me to fund my other missions. Currently I think in career everything is too dragged out, takes too long. For stuff like this to really work though, we need stock mechanisms that make for better base building, etc. I personally love tycoon like games, and while I do not expect KSP to be a management game the size of rollercoaster tycoon, or a strategy the scale of Total War, it could use some more. Dude if this gets added somehow either stock or mod I'll be so hooked. Now I'm pumped. You totally described the game I imagined when I read the catchphrase on the KSP page, three years ago. Squad, make this happen. If you don't know how to, ask on the forums for input from modders and players. You can do it
  8. Wow, azimech for president. Your stuff is always so awe-inspiring.
  9. Yeah, kinda this. You basically say 'I don't take any rights on this thing that I made with my own hands, do whatever the .... you want with it'. Better take some credit, especially on a part pack The licence I'd suggest is something that allows others to change and fork but they still have to credit you as the original author. I don't really know what the name for that is ^.^''
  10. Looks cool, I hope you can make it look a bit stock also, WTFPL is a bad licence, imo. Unless you want me to take your stuff and publish it as my stuff otherwhere?
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