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  1. It looks like I have encountered the missing parts glitch from February. When I try to load F9 in the VAB, it tells me the engines and the fairing are missing. Deleting and reinstalling the Launchers Pack folder within GameData failed to resolve the problem.
  2. cgwhite4

    [1.3.1] Real Solar System v13.1 [26 Apr 2018]

    The specific issue I previously reported has cleared as a result of the new patch. Edit: That did not last long. KSP 1.4.3 came out and somehow, everything has reverted back to the Kerbin system. They must have changed something important to RSS. The eventual RSS upgrade probably just got harder (and consequently, probably just got delayed).
  3. cgwhite4

    [1.3.1] Real Solar System v13.1 [26 Apr 2018]

    The changelog indicates RSS now contains Ceres and Vesta (pap1723's change), as well as the five (nearly) spherical Uranian moons. It is good to see that these celestial objects have been added. Hopefully at some point in the future, Flora, Hygiea and Hilda (main belt asteroids) will make their appearances as well. Of course, there is unfortunately a significant potential obstacle to this: right now we do not have nearly as much data for those objects as for Ceres and Vesta, as unlike the latter two, they were not visited by the Dawn probe.
  4. cgwhite4

    [1.3.1] Real Solar System v13.1 [26 Apr 2018]

    If anyone is wondering about compatibility with KSP 1.4, I have just done some tests and it appears that the current version of RSS is incompatible with KSP 1.4. I just tested it, and I was able to reach the start screen and load a save file, but the launch complex was replaced by stars and attempting to go to either the Tracking Station or the VAB results in the game crashing. Neither of these problems were present with RO but without RSS (I had successfully gone to the VAB in the configuration just prior to my getting RSS). These issues occur regardless of which set of RSS textures I am using, so it is likely not a memory issue on my end (trying the high end one caused a crash at the start screen). It also occurs regardless of whether or not I have KSC Switcher installed, or whether I start a new game or load a save.
  5. I thought I recalled an issue being indicated on the spreadsheet some time recently (I think that indication was gone last time I looked though). Good to know about Rebuild files. Thanks.
  6. I have obtained mods for KSP by following links from mod threads to GitHub. Normally, it is pretty straightforward, even when checking for a new version. However, I am sure there are quite a few complexities that I do not understand, particularly when it comes to when new versions are being developed. For example, right now it appears that RealHeat is not functioning properly (I recall a spreadsheet note indicating this), but I see that on January 23, a "Rebuild" file (listed at was created. What exactly is a "Rebuild" (new version, outdated version, version in testing, etc.)? It looks like NathanKell created this one.
  7. RO? Still not yet. Thread title still indicates 1.2.2. Hopefully the RO team will get the new version completed soon.
  8. Not quite, I think, but hopefully they are getting close. I too have been waiting a while for RO to update. I just checked several prerequisite mods for updates, and attempted to launch KSP. It is still not able to reach the loading screen, and is also giving me an incompatibility warning for RealFuels in addition to RealismOverhaul, despite the most recent version of RF indicating that it is intended for 1.3.1 (so likely a false warning). Real Heat has not officially updated (there would be a new .zip on GitHub if it had), but the .dll file for the new version exists and can be downloaded, so the RO team should be able to bypass that prerequisite issue. We will know when RealismOverhaul is ready because the name of this topic will change to reflect the changes. The KSP version number in square brackets will be the key indication that a change has occurred. When it reads either [1.3] or [1.3.1]. we will know it is time to download a new version and try it. The RO version number will also change. It sure has been a long wait. I am hoping they will get an updated version of RO released soon, as I was planning to do a new campaign in Real Solar System, for which RO is still effectively a prerequisite (someone did recently make a new mod which technically does allow this dependency to be bypassed, but said new mod is not intended for use with many of the other mods utilized/supported by RSS and RO, such as Real Fuels)). Edit: I just noticed something on the spreadsheet row for RH indicating a problem with the new .dll file for that mod. That could be what is holding us up. I thought RH was ready because the incompatibility warning for it had been eliminated, but the new version may have a critical error in it.
  9. That spreadsheet is indicating RealHeat as ready. Found the .dll, downloaded it and swapped it for the old one. The warning for RealHeat has stopped, but due to the RO compatibility issue, I still cannot clear the loading screen (which is showing signs of a invasion by dozens of feline aliens most likely sent by sarbian).
  10. Abpilot: I would certainly like to see the same thing soon, but I just double-checked (using the link on the initial post in this thread), and Real Heat, one of RO's pre-requisites, has yet to update. Pushing mod makers to update when their mod's pre-requisites have not yet done so is futile (and will only serve to annoy them). If something in Real Heat that RO uses changes when the former updates, the latter must take that change into account for its own update. Real Heat is the only RO pre-req not yet compatible with 1.3 (or at least not throwing loading screen warnings) that I am aware of, so once it updates, everything should be in place for RO to do so as well.
  11. That is good news from a RealHeat point of view, but because it is a test version only, Theysen may not be able to rely on it. If stratochief66 and PhineasFreak make changes for the official version, it could render it incompatible with a version of RO that Theysen might construct relying on the test version of RealHeat, and he'd have to make another update to fix it. With RSS having RO as a prerequisite, that could cause a chain reaction that could impact a lot of mods.
  12. It looks like RealHeat has yet to update, and since RH is a prerequisite of RO, Theysen may be unable to move until RH updates. RealHeat is listed as being in the domain of stratochief66 on GitHub, and it looks like he has not been on the forum since July 2: not a good sign.
  13. cgwhite4

    [1.4] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.10

    I had just wrapped up my KSP campaign in the Kerbol system and was gearing up to start a new RSS-supported campaign and figured the EL Survey Station would be useful in that one, so came here to pick up KIS. Looks like my timing was perfect, since you just released an update. However, I also noticed that the topic header still reads 1.6 whereas you have just released 1.7. Would be good to update that to avoid confusion: some users may see 1.6 and think there is currently nothing going in this topic except discussion and no update for them to come and grab. Edit: Looks like my RSS campaign may have to wait, as RO has not yet updated and is currently causing a crash in the loading screen. The problem may be that RealHeat has not yet updated, but its manager appears to have been absent for over 2 months. Perfect timing for getting this mod, but not for trying to start my next campaign.
  14. I do not believe there is yet. This is an issue that taniwha is already aware of, but it apparently has low priority, as it has persisted despite a few patches having come out since the recycler was changed to produce scrap metal instead of metal. Hopefully he will fix this soon.
  15. To purge Krakens afflicting a base consisting of multiple modules connected by KAS winches, I replace the afflicted base in the SFS file with an copy of itself from an older SFS file, preferably the one for the most recent save in which the afflicted base is known to be good. Often times, I notice that the orbit block has changed since the last known good state. Sometimes, I only have to replace the orbit block, but if this does not work, the entire base must be replaced. When replacing the entire base, I must be careful to take into account any crew changes I made since that time, and make the necessary adjustments to compensate for this. I also need to take into account any changes in resource levels that have occurred. Typically, I do not have to worry about this because I usually keep my tanks full at my bases (except for the Extraplanetary Launchpads resource ScrapMetal, which I keep empty), and I do not bother with electricity levels when making these changes. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement seems to be very good at preventing Krakens at bases containing KAS-winches: since getting KJR, I have not had to do this again up until this incident. Please note, however, that the above procedure should not be attempted if you have made or broken any KAS winch connections for the base experiencing the Kraken since the save whose SFS file you are wanting to use to fix your vessel, unless you have reverted these changes. I have accidentally "deleted" an EL-supported recycler rover once by making this mistake after having forgotten I had attached it to my base since the known good save, and had to recover the rover from an SFS file where it was detached. Thankfully, said rover was unmanned. Also, if your base contains the 3-man command module and you have moved any crew into it, this procedure can also cause an issue where the Kerbal you SFS-edit into the 3-man command module will fail to be assigned a specific seat and will thus not appear in the portraits at the lower right, making him or her unselectable. If you have an empty seat in another module, it is better to put that Kerbal in the empty seat and then transfer him or her into the desired seat in-game. Another possibility would be an EVA if conditions are right for it.