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  1. For modded command pods that have the same shape but vanilla interiors. Can I just edit their part files .cfg to change the interior property to give them RPM interiors that I do have?
  2. Please just use the GPU more effectively. Oh and proper full function IVA's.
  3. Does QuickIVA by any chance unset the iva toggle keybind at any point in its code?
  4. I found forcing DX11 helps a little and lets me at least go into the VAB. Without forcing dx11 I can get into the VAB but it freezes immediately in the VAB if it doesn't already freeze as soon as I load the game. I never get a crash report either, it either just freezes or makes the viewport black or transparent with a black rectangle in the top left of the screen. Fresh install, new computer, all drivers up to date. 12GB DDR3RAM GEForce GTX 950. AMD FX 4100 Quad 500w PSU Edit: I tried installing 1.3.1 and it's flawless. No stutter no hangs all full graphics settings except for no Vsynch and AA set to x2. Gonna use 1.3 for now hopefully a patch comes out soon.
  5. I have 8gb RAM and a geforce 950 KSP 1.4.2 Previously I ran KSP on 4gb no problem. I got a new computer and installed ksp and this started happening. YES MY DRIVERS ARE UPTO DATE. Even with just vanilla it was randomly hitting a HARD 4GB limit and the game would freeze but I can still here the sounds it was making when it froze. The Game Idles on the main menu at 3.6GB usage too so I really don't know what to do. I have tried reducing texture quality in an effort to reduce texture memory eating up too much but it doesn't seem to have helped at all. I have found people talking about KSP as if this should only happen if launched 32bit but it won't even run in 32bit I always run it 64. I have seen online discussion about KSP using upto 16GB and others saying it's impossible for KSP to do more than 4GB ever even in 64bit mode. What the hell is going on? It started just running out of memory like no tomorrow once I added Raster Prop Monitor or any other mod. I get to 10 mods and it hits the ram limit during loading up the game. My last time I ran it on 4GB with about 50+ mods in 1.3.1
  6. Those are parts for the KSS are they not?
  7. I did think of this and unfortunately my overpriced toaster kicked the bucket so unless the replacement rig/parts are better (DDR3) then it's not happening. When thinking about this though most of the things can actually be done through custom kos scripts which is basically the whole point of this exercise I would have however used that if my PC wasn't struggling under the weight of windows updates. But alas while windows ran crysis on a 2gb system when win7 was released it won't even run itself on that now. Hell checking Facebook uses about 2gb these days. Yes I have that mod too
  8. I know that's why I stated as much. I can program kos however to perform those tasks or at least some of them. eg: docking ports.
  9. LASA Robotic Space Program (Lukes Awesome Space Agency) I bring you the Robotic Space Program from LASA. This is somewhat of an experiment/challenge for myself. But I also like story telling so I figured I'd make this thread here. What is the plan then? Well I plan to fly all flights IVA (Hudless where possible) unless they are being controlled by KOS controllers or other similar computer based options. I won't fly remote missions manually though I will manually load scripts to the vessel computers for performing the flights. I'll provide copies of all my scripts in this post. All vessels and Crew must be recovered at the KSC Green Patch unless picked up by Stage Recovery. I have also included a new starting team member Luke Kerman. The crews new programmer (engineer) who's speciality is doing as little actual work as possible. Self Enforced Rules Can only automate flights or control Kerbal IVA/EVA (Where this is unavailable I will use default view to control kerbal, eg: EVA) Once Cameras are available Ships without kerbals on board must be viewed from cameras. Otherwise They are viewed from IVA. Vessels and Crew must be recovered from the Green Patch around KSC. (Stages recovered through Stage Recovery count as recovered by a private contractor. Independent recovery is a priority.) All Manned flights must have an escape/abort system. Contingencies must be made to ensure crew survival. quick loading is for game crash security only. Difficulty The difficulty is basically hard mode but a little harder. Here are the basic starting difficulty and while I have put resource abundance back up to 100% I have turned on loads the extra difficulty options and reduced my starting cash from 10k to 3k. The Kerbals Jeb Kerman - Rocket Pilot/Mission Specialist (Jeb often screams "More boosters!" in his sleep so it's only fair to give him the job. When asked what he thought of atmospheric flight he stated it was a pointless pursuit if it didn't result in orbit. This disagreement between Jeb and Bob prompted the management to hire an Aeronautical Pilot to ensure a more diverse technological development stream, since Bob and Bill think it may be possible to reduce costs by flying into space instead of dumping engines off the coast of Kafrica from rockets.) Valentina Kerman - Aeronautical Pilot/SSTO Specialist (While some people (Bob) might say she was a diversity hire, the truth is she was the only one interviewed who was willing to sit on a giant tank of liquid fuel going the speed of sound only a few metres off the ground. Valentina loves the skies more than anything in the world and dreams of someday experiencing life under and in different colour skies.) Bob Kerman - Lead Scientist/Extra Planetary Specialist/Cook (Bob is all about the science. He has put forward some of the most highly questionable proposals the space agency has ever seen and often argues with everyone else on the team. If it weren't for his genius he'd probably be placed on the experimental test team by now. I mean seriously, do you know anyone else who can remember the names of BOTH of Kerbins moons? Bob can and even knows the sun is called Kerbol. Who would have thunk it? Bill however thinks he's funny but that's mainly because he likes to wind Bob up whenever he can.) Bill Kerman - Lead Engineer/Colonisation Specialist (Bill is a real character. A wind up merchant but a brilliant engineer. Rumour has it he thinks in 3D and scans of his brain do indeed prove that his brain is in fact three dimensional. The space agency hired him on his ability to solve almost any logistical and mechanical issue as well his work on his beercan space program which while admittedly a "failure" by everyone's standards but Bills, was an inspiration. That and Bob would only join the space agency if Bill was hired too. But we aren't Allowed to tell Bill that. Since he is also the only Kerbal on the team to have had an ant farm as a kid he was also appointed the position of Colonisation Specalist. He actually still has the farm and Bill says it's on it's 19th generation of monarchs and doesn't expect a revolution in the coming decade.) Luke Kerman - Lead Programmer/Drone Specialist/Rover Specialist/Horticultural Specialist (Luke really is good at doing as little actual work as possible and as such makes him perfect for his main roles. His work on Kemp based rocket materials is somewhat underwhelming however as it seems most of the Kemp is being harvested for THK extraction and curing for reasons beyond the management. Best they can tell is he's burning it in some sort of experiment or extraction process though any results are yet to be seen. The management have requested that Luke take his Kemp production and experiments out the back of the R&D center as there have been complaints from Bob who says the fumes make him drowsy and unable to concentrate. His ability to not fly rockets is surprisingly valued But Jeb and Val say if they are going up in one of his puter guided missiles they want Luke to go first. This technically makes Luke an Experimental Test Pilot as well but management won't give him the role for both insurance and payroll reasons. His background is rather mysterious however as he just showed up one day and set the clocks on everything in the space center. When the Management discovered the microwave clock was accurate they decided to give him a job as Lead Programmer. He claims to be robot wars intergalactic champion but nobody at the KSC has ever heard about such a thing , nor have they ever heard of Kraig C Kerman.) Missions 1. Advent (Sounding Rocket) More Coming Soon.
  10. Was buzzing around the KSC with an admittedly impressive experimental plane and I tried banking hard around the tower at speed when FAR ripped my wings off. Just my luck for pushing it too far. But instead of slaming into the ground I managed to thrust up on the engine and brought it down in a vertical landing. I turned the belly in the direction of travel and let it flip over just before landing and landed perfectly on my landing gear. I couldn't do it again if I tried. Might I add I touched down on the runway.
  11. Jeb starved to death after my very first launch. Playing career a kraken tried to mate with my rolling science capsule and it was ripped appart and the game crashed. When I reloaded the game he was leaving kerbins SOI at escape velocity from the kerbol system. I hadn't even enough science for the first upgrade so he starved to death on his way to glory. I kept his capsule loaded as a momento and tracked it's progress into interstellar space throughout the career. It actually blitzed through Jools SOI like it didn't exist just a straight line right through. I renamed it Jebs Voyager after that.
  12. Well done I wasn't sure I spelt it right
  13. First IVA docking Wooo and in truth my first station docking since docking was a mod. I'm gonna do and a full mission to space IVA some day. But now I need to figure out the best crew rotation before I launch a return vessel for the crew I also need to leave jeb and val up there for now as the only other pilot on the crew needs returning to Kerbin. Also just realised my ENTIRE staff is now on a single station Well then the KSC is going to have to be unmanned for a while I guess no biggie. Easy now Val.... steady.... steady.... Tadaaaaaaa