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  1. Nice landing I would look at how nose heavy you’re ship is you were using a lot of rcs to keep it flying and it might be a problem later on but still, Nice work
  2. Sign me up! The Titan is slightly smaller than what @4x4cheesecake made, (tbh mate, you need to name the thing, then it’s more epic)
  3. The way I got around not having enough fuel is just build the shuttle with the capability to hold tonnes of fuel and then just fill up enough to finish the mission so I don’t have weight imbalance during the glider phase and if I have to haul a heavy payload, i can dock a tanker rocket As long as the Titan has a TWR of 1.2 or higher, it can make orbit. literally when the ET is ditched, it’s still 1/3 full of fuel
  4. Hhmm…, a few more tweaks to the STS-Titan and I’ll be ready to pick up from where I left off… and I remember I had two MD tanks in orbit…
  5. I cant wait to watch a test flight and suddenly a kerbal is upside down and screaming
  6. Thanks @HolidayTheLeek The design of the wings is similar to an albatross or a stingray, and the only reason the canards are there is bc it’s really front heavy
  7. Unlimited Aerospace Presents... The KBS-45 Poseidon Download Link Figures: Mass: 35.87t Cost: 66,508,000 Parts: 134 Passengers: 72 Size: 16.91m x 5.41m x 19.74m Cruising Altitude: Anywhere lower than 10km Fuel Consumption: 0.18 Kal/sec Category: Seaplane/Small Regional Jet Details: After running through The Janitors a fully qualified engineer's notebook, we found an idea to make trans-kerbanic turboprops much safer, "why not attach floats to a Turboprop" was written in bold letters. So we got our designers got to work making thi
  8. How much of a deficit would I cop if my seaplane had, I dunno… 120+ parts
  9. @neistridlar I’m using the precoolers and radiators bc the panthers always overheated when run for too long with the burners activated and I didn’t want “spontaneous engine failure” to be a possibility. and as @hoioh said I built the craft with plenty of redundancy. The plane was built to be really easy to fly, safe and reliable.
  10. Thanks for the Review @hoioh I’m glad to hear that you like the plane In my experience, it’s the best flying craft I’ve ever made If you have any feedback I could use to improve it, that’d be lovely.
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