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  1. Nice landing I would look at how nose heavy you’re ship is you were using a lot of rcs to keep it flying and it might be a problem later on but still, Nice work
  2. Sign me up! The Titan is slightly smaller than what @4x4cheesecake made, (tbh mate, you need to name the thing, then it’s more epic)
  3. The way I got around not having enough fuel is just build the shuttle with the capability to hold tonnes of fuel and then just fill up enough to finish the mission so I don’t have weight imbalance during the glider phase and if I have to haul a heavy payload, i can dock a tanker rocket As long as the Titan has a TWR of 1.2 or higher, it can make orbit. literally when the ET is ditched, it’s still 1/3 full of fuel
  4. Hhmm…, a few more tweaks to the STS-Titan and I’ll be ready to pick up from where I left off… and I remember I had two MD tanks in orbit…
  5. I cant wait to watch a test flight and suddenly a kerbal is upside down and screaming
  6. Thanks @HolidayTheLeek The design of the wings is similar to an albatross or a stingray, and the only reason the canards are there is bc it’s really front heavy
  7. Unlimited Aerospace Presents... The KBS-45 Poseidon Download Link Figures: Mass: 35.87t Cost: 66,508,000 Parts: 134 Passengers: 72 Size: 16.91m x 5.41m x 19.74m Cruising Altitude: Anywhere lower than 10km Fuel Consumption: 0.18 Kal/sec Category: Seaplane/Small Regional Jet Details: After running through The Janitors a fully qualified engineer's notebook, we found an idea to make trans-kerbanic turboprops much safer, "why not attach floats to a Turboprop" was written in bold letters. So we got our designers got to work making this idea a reality, and out of that came the KBS-45. Nicknamed the Poseidon after the god of the sea, this jet can function as a seaplane, and as a turboprop. The design, based on the Katilina, has a central main hull to support the weight, and to side pontoons to keep it upright. Mounted on the wings are two sets of flaps and slats to increase the lift drastically, allowing a Takeoff speed of 50 m/s and a landing speed of 40 m/s. When taking off from water, remember that you'll need to pull it out of the water a little before it can gain enough speed to lift itself out of the water.
  8. @Andetch it flies just as well as the KB 90 and carries 72 passengers
  9. How much of a deficit would I cop if my seaplane had, I dunno… 120+ parts
  10. @neistridlar I’m using the precoolers and radiators bc the panthers always overheated when run for too long with the burners activated and I didn’t want “spontaneous engine failure” to be a possibility. and as @hoioh said I built the craft with plenty of redundancy. The plane was built to be really easy to fly, safe and reliable.
  11. Thanks for the Review @hoioh I’m glad to hear that you like the plane In my experience, it’s the best flying craft I’ve ever made If you have any feedback I could use to improve it, that’d be lovely.