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  1. Hi, I am unable to contact support through there link, is it possible to get the email address so i can email them? Thanks.
  2. Wow thanks for all the ideas and responses! Would it be fair to say that ultimately KSP 2 will contain everything the first game had and everything that could be attained or achieved in the first will be in the second? (Base game not mods) I ask this because when the second game does come out, i dont see myself playing the first anymore, ive got my time / moneys worth out of it and i acheived the majority of my goals in game, i'd like to learn the sequel and adapt to that. The first game is fantastic don't get me wrong, but a sequel that gives more and looks nicer will trump the classic fo
  3. Hey players and devs. I tried to make this post before but i think it didn't go through (page crashed randomly) if it does come through well i will just delete this one, anyway on to the post! I am just curious because i have been searching the forums here, on steam and redit and i can't get a clear answer.. why are they continually developing the first game when they are planning to release the second game in half a year? The game doesn't contain a story line and if the second game contains everything the first has plus a lot more content, mechanics, multiplayer and improved graphics, w
  4. Hi guys, long time reader of the forums but never felt the need to post, this post however peaked my interest! I dont think ksp is the type of game that requires a sequel being that its one of those standalone games that remains a unique classic forever. However in saying that, a remastered version would be a great idea, a new engine including everything from the base game but with enhanced graphics, updated engine and new features / content. A sequel could very well take away from this classic, an inferior version which tends to happen when companys try to make a franchise out of a
  5. Hi, I purchased the game 5 - 6 hours ago, I just wanted to know if their is a bug / issue why I haven't received the download link? or does it require a developer to approve the transaction before the link comes through? I sent an email an hour after purchase just to confirm but haven't received a reply so far. Any news would be appreciated! Thank you.
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