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  1. Next up: the Albatross MK1 It is just as hard to get off the ground as its namesake.
  2. Hi, I hope this is the right subforum to post such contraptions. I tried to build some airplanes that capture the charme of a past that never was. First up: the White Swan MK1
  3. There are a few problems, indeed. I tested with a fresh save game in sandbox mode. textures for procedural parts are missing in the parts menu procedural tanks have very small and odd max. diameters and lengths in some parts the option to change parameters is missing completely
  4. Thanks! The Menu now works. But now another bug popped up: The procedural nose tank has a weirdly small diameter and crashes the game when the length is changed.
  5. I use the one CKAN downloaded as the most recent update. Description in CKAN points to that one: https://github.com/KSP-RO/ProceduralParts
  6. Still, the right click menu is not showing up with this version. Previous worked fine, though.
  7. I am experiencing a bug with the newest version of this mod. The right click context menu to change parameters is not showing up.
  8. My bugs produce exactly the same kind of problems: As soon as I come from a long distance outside the PRE-range into the set PRE-range of another vessel, the camera automatically switches fous to the nearest vehicle and I can't switch back. Plus the exploding and glitching through terrain.
  9. Sadly landed vessels still explode once the game starts unpacking terrain. I know that placing them on static objects is a workaround, but it kind of defeats the purpose of building mobile things. Staging battles on other planets is completely out of the question this way. Is there any chance to see a fix for the explody landed vessels problem?
  10. Maybe I am just dumb, but is there a way to have the AA performing a continuous turn at a constant turn rate? (While keeping a constant speed and altitude)
  11. Bombs and missiles still cannot hit their designated target accurately using GPS. Whenever I designate a GPS Target the marker starts to drift. Anybody have the same problem?
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