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  1. Man... Let me give you a hug. I haven't realy played 1.8 yet just because I can't live without OPM and Kerbol Origins. It's good to know that this little expansion is alive!
  2. In fact, I want something even more 'fat'. I think that I will be able to build Crossfire setup with something like 8Gb and go 4k. But it will wait 'till autumn, i think.
  3. ...and swap like it's no tomorrow! Woo-hoo! I fully understand how KSP and Unity treat RAM and I have no complains about it. And i certainly will not remove 16 gigs of ram =) I'm pretty busy guy, and KSP is like the only game that I actually play and have time for. The other things I do is some video editing in Vegas, develop stuff in DipTrace and do some JS and Perl scripting. I don't realy need fast GPU, so it was never top priority. In fact, I built this PC around KSP and Sony Vegas - pretty fast single-core performance+tones of RAM for KSP and lots of high-freq. cores for Vegas rendering. I never knew that VRAM can be a bottleneck here. Clear KSP uses up to 1.2-1.5GB VRAM while playing. Modded KSP uses everything up while it loads - lots of .dds textures from new parts, part revamps and planet packs will kill it pretty fast. The CPU is e5 2687W v2.
  4. Just went to my PC and rechecked. Origins uses @Properties{description = ... } to define planet's description. OPM uses standard localisation config #LOC_OPM_Planets_Eeloo_description in separated file. It only has en-us config for stock. So my guess is that you see Origins description because you are from Germany and you play with Germany localization. There are no config for Germany in OPM, so for Eeloo it loads defaul description. But it's only for Eeloo. Nothing alters Sarnus description. It doesn't exist at all, and it loads it from en-us.cfg. And Eeloo's description exists and was rewrited by KO. The problem is priority order. If it's stock planet, and no corresponding localization - it adds stock english description - and it can be changed earlier. If it's new planet - it adds en-us localization from it's mod. Am i right? If so - you can try and fix it. Go to GameData\OPM\Localization, copy-paste en-us.cfg and rename new file to de.cfg I think it might work... Nah... I still hope they will release SOON™. I waited for too long. First - CPU and RAM shipping issues, then 1.8 release and waiting for all mods updates... I hope. I'm realy looking forward to 1.8 release. I haven't realy played KSP since May 'cause my old PC was too laggy. Don't want to go back to 1.7. Don't mind me. I'm just impatient.
  5. I can't remember it well, but I definetly had only one Eeloo with both OPM and Kerbol Origins installed. It depends of mod loading order. Kerbol Origins loads before OPM, so OPM should have priority. Same goes for mods which move Dress. Regarding hardware power: I have 8-core\16-thread 3GHz CPU with 32Gb RAM and I use a lot of mods. And by "a lot" I mean batexcrements insane ammount of parts and planets. And a lot of planet packs. My KSP.exe eats up to 25Gb of RAM. I use OPM, Origins, Moho Moons, Dwarf Planets, Planet Cyran and etc. My issue is not RAM or CPU overload. In fact, I tend to run out of video ram - 750ti with 2Gb on-board. It's not very laggy. I have 30-40 fps - it's comfortable for me. But I think that I will need something better as my birthday present or something =) For me the real killer here is visual overhauls. Scatterer or EVE drop my fps like nothing else. And current Unity version can use multiple cores. But as far as i can remember, physics simulation can use only one thread for active vessel, and here's the main devil of the game.
  6. I don't remember doing it. I'll fully remove Final Frontier and all Ribbon packs from CKAN and re-install from scratch.
  7. I'm not dead. Just waiting for Kopernicus. Done most of DMagic and SCAN definitions by the way. Adding surface features won't be easy.
  8. Oh. So it's meant to be smooth, huh... Makes sense. Thank you for answer.
  9. Oh, so it's not dead! Cool! Now I have a question. I remember that back in KSP 1.5.1 Corolet was all spikey and hard to land. And now in 1.7.3 it's all round and smooth like Gilly or something. Is something broken for me? Is it Kopernicus problem? Oh, and by the way don't forget to add planet's shadow for Rega!
  10. Not so late. Russian post still holds my CPU and RAM somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Well... I know last tracking spot. And I know next destination. But I don't think that it needs more than two weeks to transfer it from one city to another. So I'm still waiting for my rig.
  11. New KSP rig inbound, ETA - 2 weeks. Woo-hoo! @dxeh Are you ok if I play around with your mod and try to implement surface features and science definitions for DMagic Orbital Science, SCAN and maybe Interkosmos? I'll post MM patches here if everything is ok.
  12. Ok. Thank you for explanation. Just read engine configs. I assume the ratio is 3 parts LqM to 1 part Ox. For example - I need 150 ox for 450 lqm... i don't know how to maintain this ratio by default in MFT but I made this quick and dirty patch. It will add Liquid Methane to all default tanks with MFT support. Save it as Cool_Methane_Patch_for_MFT.cfg and put it somewhere inside gamedata\MyAwesomeMods. This is NOT balanced. NOT well-tested. I can't do it properly myself just now because my current KSP rig is extremely slow. So this is just for quick test. But it works good. Some screenshots (on my server): Do i need to change fuel utilization constant in MFT? Or mass constant? For example, LH2 utilization ratio is 10. So if my tank stores 100 LF - then it can hold 1000 LH2.
  13. Cool! I want to test it because I have enough classic LF/OX engines mods and need something a bit different for fun. But which tanks should I use with this pack? I have ModularfuelTanks, CRP and CryoTanks. How can I enable this fuel type? I guess, I need to make my custom MFT configs for cryo tanks or install B9 Fuel Switch and Superior Propellants, am I right?