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  1. How does the reaserch in the geo lab supposed to work? I've been running it for a while, it ticked to 100%... and then just keeps going above that... nothing else happening as far as i can tell.
  2. Also a random feature request... would it be possible to add a KIS container "tank"?
  3. There is something wonky with procedural tanks support in the latest version. The capacity doesn't update correctly when changing length/diameter, but if i go to edit tank, click on edit tank volume then click set (without changing anything) it suddenly updates. Also reverting to VAB seems to bug out tanks and their "edit tank" window becomes empty making it possible to add more stuff (without removing what's already in there).
  4. Sorry i have no idea, I'm just starting to get into KSP modding. I've noticed the change because it broke MechJebAndEngineerForAll. It's easy to fix for me locally but it's bound to cause issues for others and i imagine a quite a bit of other mods depend on ModuleCommand being present.
  5. I've noticed that in 1.5.0 you are renaming the ModuleCommand module in all parts to SnacksModuleCommand. This doesn't seem like a good idea and is bound to cause issues for other mods that detect command parts by that module name...