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  1. u get it, that its working with ur updated version right ? :))
  2. FIXED !!! ur new version is WORKING :)) rly good work and rly fast fix, all the problems are fixed by the new version, I also moved it to program files (64) but i tried this before and nothing changed, i think only this new version is enough, will try it in normal steam folder (program files 32) tomorrow, thanks again changed only total to 4096, and applyPadding=true, works great, ksp around 7gb physical memory in task manager
  3. 1. yes i do, downloaded from this forum from 1st page, zip file says it also, but game wont launch with applyPadding = true i coppied the MemGraph folder to gamedata folder, so now there are two Memgraph and Squad, i did not copy only MemGraph.dll as u have in otherwise it only show memgraph window ingame, but cant do anything like changing scale or apply padding 2. OK got it 3. when i launch the game it says WindowsPlayer 64, game version, i have 21-24gb free physical memory with game launched before padding 4. yet it does , can not find output_log.txt file in KSP_x64_Data
  4. Hi all guys, so my problems with this mod are: 1. in settings.cfg if i change applyPadding = false to applyPadding = true, game wont start, so actualy it is set as it was in default applyPadding = false with this i can run the game 2. this mod works, but only using mod+end (left alt + end) 1st time, it add that 900memory or something like that and intervals between lags increases, after using mod+end again after few garbage colletions cycles it do NOTHING 3. if i change in padheap.cfg ONLY total from 1024 to 2048 it works and it adds cca 2gb of memory = lag every 115s, but if i change TOTAL to 4096 game will crash when trying to apply padheap with mod+end 4. if i change in padheap.cfg rows 664,800,1008,1344,2032 from 0 as they are in default to 1 with TOTAL set to 4096, it will allow me to add that 4gb but game will crash when first loading screen happens (loading my save or change from hangar to plane on the airfield etc..) 32gb of memory, ONLY THIS MOD, nothing else