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  1. Problem: One of my launch configurations (boosters + probe) breaks map view. No problems until I added an extra fuel tank to my central booster. Now, even sitting on the launch pad, if I switch map views, several symptoms appear. None of my other projects have this problem. The project contains 76 parts in 6 stages. It's smaller than most. 1. The graphics get very weird, e.g. the screen is mostly black and the sun is only an outline. 2. Switching back does nothing. 3. I cannot revert flight (the menu doesn't even come up) and must restart game to clear the problem. Has anyone else seen this?
  2. Thanx for all the good replies. For now, I'll take the Tracking Station route and hope this is improved later. This isn't the only command/control issue I've come across so I'm optimistic this will eventually be addressed.
  3. Thank you. I knew from the ingame help those were supposed to be the controls but they weren't working for me. I'll keep trying.
  4. Problem: change focus from main booster to released probe then back on the Xbox version. I'm trying to put 3 probes into orbit from a single launch. When I release one, I need to change focus to it, get it into the correct altitude, then switch focus back to the main craft so I can repeat with the other probes. The controls for next/previous vessel don't change anything and I feel like I've tried every combo. How do I do this?
  5. I'm fairly new to the game and play on Xbox. I saw a video where someone set the max thrust of his solid rocket booster so that he had a thrust to weight ratio to his liking. When he left clicked on the booster to lower its thrust, there was a pop up that showed (among other things) his TRW. He was on a PC. Is there a way to view your TRW while you build your project on the Xbox version? Clicking on a booster only displays the Thrust Limiter and amount of solid fuel.
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