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  1. How can I get KKAOSS Water.SurfaceScanner back in my game? It has simply disappeared, along with every craft containing it. I've reinstalled KPBS through CKAN and also manually. The water scanner isn't in the parts list, folder, or anywhere in the tech tree that I can find. 2 days of planning, building, and launching all gone POOF! because of one part. I've lost 9 ships, 4 bases, and 7 unlanded craft. GRRRR!!!! BTW @SQUAD it is rather insane you don't allow a ship to load in the VAB if a part is missing. Let's say a thermometer wigs out, which then deletes every ship containing it, and every ship design using it. I can't simply load the ship, remove the offending part, and continue playing. WHY?
  2. As I said before, I am not a coder. The mod would be very convenient for me and would also add some realism. It would of course require players to check back into their game from time to time, but of course I also said "option", meaning this could be turned off. I have kids and I never turn off my PC, but I do get interrupted quite often. If this mod existed you would have to be rather daft to have nodes set up or some other task that requires your attention and go to the beach. My use would be to let the game mine for me, convert fuel, charge batteries etc. Nothing that requires my immediate attention. I have a self-refueling hopper sitting on Laythe as I type this......it takes 3 Kerbal days to refuel and it would be nice to come back to the game with full tanks........without having to time warp or use HyperEdit. Of course time warp suffices, but isn't very realistic in my mind. Knowing that my base is doing it's thing and the Kerbals are going about their lives seems kinda right.
  3. Hi, I hope a modder or SQUAD can do this.........have an option for the game to continue even when your PC is shut down. I'm not a coder but know it can be done since I've had other games that do it. I assume KSP would note the computer's time when you exit the game, then when you start playing again it sees the current computer time and would calculate how much Kerbal time has passed and adjust things accordingly. Things like life support supplies would be less, while mining stockpiles would have increased, and long flights would be further along........for example. Right now the Kerbin's Universe only exists while playing, but with this change/mod the Kerbins get on with their lives while I am doing the IRL things. Someone...........GIT'R DONE!