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  1. That´s exactly what i need for some of my missions.... yes: There is the M1, but thanks to kerbalism it´s a little to risky to use only one or two J-2´s, so i keep with long burning RL-10´s. I like to have that thing And i think that there will be a lot of "Delta V / Delta 10XXX´s around here after that thing comes into the game.
  2. Yeah... but you can use the upgraded Saturn V´s for that too. If you strap a bunch of SRB´s or LRB´s on the first stage and replace the S-IVB with another S-II or something else (nuclear stages etc.) you get there too and you don´t need any parts that are not included in the mod. If you use 4 of the new dedicated LRB´s you have even more thrust then the C8 would have had. Instead of 8 F-1´s you have 13 or even 14 if you like to put another F-1 on the S-IC / MS-IC etc.
  3. Correct, but it fullfilled it´s purpose. And the ejection system worked as designed... you couldn´t say the same about Gemini´s ejection system which most likely would have fried the astronauts while ejecting.
  4. Oh i didn´t knew that it was killed of sooooo early..... It´s a dump decision. Yeah and i am absolutely sure: If i should write an alternative history timeline or book someday: There will be a use of the E-1 engine. I know of them yes, but still: They were not used in a real launch vehicle. Incase of flown vehicles there were only heavy lifters that combined either hydrolox or Hypergolics with some big SRB´s. Which was a crappy dump idea in the first place. That´s just not cost effective. Yes, because SpaceX was one of the few ideas of mister Musk where he placed engineers and managers who really knew how to do it. I personally don´t like SpaceX so much, but they did an important thing: They broke up the decades old monopoly by some old aerospace company´s.
  5. Yes, KSP isn´t what it once was and in this case that´s a really good thing. KSP was a nice idea from the start but i am shure it wouldn´t have stayed this popular for such a long time without the many changes (and the many many mod ideas they transitioned to be included in the game in their own versions). It´s just great to see mods like this to be brought back online after years. Not everyone likes to make KSP into a space project manager, but i love the realism on the management side. I love mods like Tantares and BDB and i couldn´t play this game without any life support mods anymore but the same goes for such things like Kerbal Construction Time and other things that bring in some more need to plan out my career path. I just love the idea that Kerbals go out of the Astronaut Corps or that they need time and money to get trained for their missions and that you have crew rotations. This can do a lot of things i am just trying to include into my long term careers with the help of Excel. I just hope this works out with my save files. Just a couple of days before i found out about this mod, I had started a new career game that i am using to make Youtube-Videos.
  6. I know but you wouldn´t make new variants if there was already a fairing for every payload you can think of. And yeah: Incase of the Saturn I i am going in this direction pretty often. Just because it´s a relatively efficient launcher for heavy 2.5 meter Payloads... and because i am one of the people that have their problems with flying the Saturn IB into orbit. I like the S-IVB a lot, but i hate the combination with the S-IB-stage. So: I am thankfull for every single new 2.5 meter fairing. Either to have one that fits propperly or just to have some more variety for the looks.
  7. Thank you... so soon i will probably have less need to switch to a Saturn IB just because the fairing doesn´t works so well for may payloads. I think you just made my future launches a bit cheaper.
  8. Yes and it made the launcher as a whole less efficient. And my personal opinion is, that if they would have known how different the second stages the actually used for the Saturn I-family would be like, that they would likely have finished the E-1 project. It would have taken more effort, but they wouldn´t have had any problems to use a longer tank for the first stage.... even if they would have had to include a fifth E-1 in the first stage: They would have had to space to do it. And i really think this would have been an engine with a lot of potential for the future. I feel sorry about the fact that there were no new really large Kerolox-Engines designed and used after Apollo was gone.... If they liked to launch big things they either went to Hydrolox and SRB´s, or they kept with Hypergolics and SRB´s..... why not use the good old Kerolox? It´s relatively easy to handly, it´s much safer then hypergolics, You can shut down the engines at any time, you don´t have to think to much about boiloff and you get a lot of thrust out of it. It´s just perfect to launch big vehicles into space... but they just stopped with going big incase of Kerolox. And then they basically lost their minds when they found out how efficient Kerolox-Engines can be made when you keep working on them like the Sowjets did. Hydrogen is nice, i really love that stuff, but from my perspective it looks like it´s only viable as a single first stage powersource when you go REALLY big... but in most cases it should stay at what it was used for in the first place: On the upper stages for Orbital insertion and Transfer Orbit Injection.
  9. Thank you for that little story, personally i didn´t even knew that the S-V wouldn´t have been using the balloon-tank technology of the rest of the Centaur-family, i really thought: Okay... this thing seems to be a little bit larger and has it´s own control system to be compatible with the Saturns Control Systems and it has it´s own RL-10 version. Oh..... yeah, i think the "he did not trust hydrolox"-thing seems to be understandable from his point of view, but still: I think he forgot the little fact that there were close to 20 years of highly successfull technological evolution in close to every field of technology between his experiences and the then "present" day. As much as i am critizising Von Braun: In this Case i think he was right: Despite the fact that Balloon Tank Structures had shown that they are a working concept for first stages, it wasn´t clear that they would work in space too. And there was already a high number of completely new systems and technology´s to be designed for Saturn.... bringing in another unproven technology in there to do a job for which you could use a proven one seems unreasonable to me. And his tendency to go on a collision course with people who like to do things differently, often in the most public way he could do, was (in my eyes) not only absolutely unfair to all the other hard and often successfully working engineers and managers who just wanted to bring the US into Space, but it was straight dump too. Going public as often as he did to confront engineers with powerfull and important defense contractors behind them doesn´t seem to be a good idea to me if you are an ex-SS-Officer who used forced labour in his factory. I am german myself and i am extremely interested in spaceflight and into history and i am holding a deep grudge against mister Von Braun and against the fact that nobody held him accountable for what he did... not even after his time at NASA. Sorry, for the last part, i know: Politics aren´t a thing here and i will keep it quiet again.
  10. Wow, this is a great idea, how is it possible that i did not know about this mod?
  11. Thank you for your working on this and for informing us, i hope i doesn´t takes to much time and money to fix it up
  12. Yeah you came back @jimmymcgoochie Thank you for this update It seems like this story will become even larger... not only space but politics, corruption, a coup atempt and now even climate terrorism.... what else do you have planned for us?
  13. Ah okay.... then i think it´s either SAF-Fairings or it´s just an outdated texture that was replaced some time ago.
  14. Ah okay, thanks Nice to know, probably using that for a future twitch series to bring down load times.
  15. Probably not a good idea in case of BDB because not every part, not even every launcher, has it´s own graphics / texture-sheets (sorry don´t have the correct naming in mind atm) so you could end up breaking multiple parts that you just don´t like to kill if you are not carefull while deleting files. That´s the same reason for the fact that there aren´t any split BDB versions like for Tantares where you got Tantares LV, Spacecraft etc.
  16. Thank you I waited for something like that since the "science only" config of Kerbalism doesn´t work so well in combination with another LS mod. I loved the science feature and the fact that science takes time, now i can have this again without bugging out my whole game.
  17. Exactly my thought to. Atlas V and Delta IV have something in common with their predecessors: Their 2nd stages. When i look at the deltas it was not one but two times that the upper stage was the reason on which the name of the whole vehicle was based. At first they renamed the whole vehicle to get a destinction from the military roots and the second time they evolved the then actual upper stage of the delta III to be used with a new first stage. To me that´s basically the same thing done a second time and this goes okay with me. The same goes for the Atlas V and the Centaur. Atlas came to greatness by combining it with the Centaur-family so it´s such an essential part of the launcher-family that it´s more than just "okay" that they kept the Atlas-name when they made a completely new first stage tankage to make that thing fit for the then future times. Oh i would be surprised if the article would be deleted. In my eyes we got enough reliable sources to verify an article there and it wouldn´t be the first time that a game-mod get´s it´s own article there. I would even like to support such a project. There are so many great KSP-Mods out there and the article written for KSP itself isn´t as detailed as it could be. This game has a history that just got into it´s second decade and BDB was there for more than two thirds of that time, the same goes for projects like mechjeb.
  18. Thank you I like it And while we are already speaking about centaur: @Friznit I looked into the ETS-Centaur E-Thing and, based on the fuel weight written down in the ETS-wiki, the closest drop in we can get in BDB would be a Centaur III / Common Centaur with two RL-10-A3´s, later A-4´s or possibly even A-4-N´s for the Saturn Multibody after the IIP-Upgrade (not absolutely shure about the last upgrade and i don´t have the time to take a look in the last ETS-Part for verification).
  19. I saw them, but i think you should go threw the first three articles, like Saturn II , again. It seemed to me like you forgot a word on some places.
  20. Exactly my thought: a crouched Blok D, but i like it. I really like it... perhaps even replacing the Blok D with this thing for some purposes.... let´s try it.
  21. Yes please I like that style And even without beeing an american i am still a bit pi**ed on the us government for killing Constellation. That Project could have been so beautifull if the funding would have been given when it was needed. And all the vehicle conceps they did for the project just look georgeous. The Ares-Launchers (okay Ares I looks cool but don´t speak about the plan to human-rate that thing...), the Altair, the Orion (It looked better before the Service Module was switched out for the ATV-based one that is build by our own ESA), the rover concepts.... and i would have had so much more potential than the SLS-based Artemis. They tried to accept the costly truth: To really replace the Space Shuttle AND to not ONLY go back to the moon but beyond it, you need at least one new clean sheet design. Thank you for your work on this revival project. I already love your SLS-Parts and i am shure that this new mod will (finally) take it´s "must have" place in my installations as well. Thank you.
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