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  1. I've been using this for 1.3.1 RSS/RO forever and it's worked great. I increased the heap size and it's been much better. Recently got 1.6.1 RSS/RO going and installed this but the padheap doesn't seem to work. The config file has everything on a single line if that matters, unlike the version for 1.3.1, and changing the values to set a custom heap amount did nothing. Any workaround? I'm a new user here still and can't upload a file
  2. I'm at my wits end here, but I closed the small Avionics window that tells you if your Avionics is ok or not, and cannot find out how to reactivate it. It's in the same style as MechJeb but I can't find it anywhere in the MechJeb settings or mod folder, and I've looked everywhere in the RO and RP-0 mod folders trying to find a setting or cfg. for it but can't. Does anyone know where this is or how to get the window back? I know the RP-0 button in the VAB opens up a different window with Avionics info that does the same thing, but this needs to be opened each time and I keep forgett
  3. Anyone having performance issues on Sierra? I don't think my 750m is kicking on. I used to get good performance, with a loud fan, and now on Sierra it stays really quiet and I get terrible FPS. Works perfectly on Bootcamp though.
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