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  1. It would be REALLY awesome if this mod was merged with Ven's Stock Revamp. A lot of parts from both mods are equally incredible, but Ven's and Restock overlap eachother. If you somehow will manage to add Ven's Stock textures as additional part variants... this will be the best retexture mod for KSP for sure.
  2. After installing FAR most of my wings (AV-R8 Winglet, Tail Fin, Delta-Deluxe Winglet, and some more winglets from mods) now dont have control surfaces (BUT Basic Canard still has). Is this a bug or a feature? P.S. Playing in career and my game is VERY heavily modded (maybe thats the problem)
  3. Actually, i figured it out . Just turned off "collide" option. Thanks for the guides.
  4. Hi, i bumped into bug with kickback srb, and found a cgf file, which almost solved this problem. After i modified my cfg file the srb started to act very weird. It seems there are 4 additional smoke trails. I dont understand any of these cfgs so i need your help guys.P.S. Sorry for my English Cfg file
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