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  1. eagle92lightning

    [1.4.+] Kerbal Wind Tunnel 1.0.1

    Thanks you very much for creating this. I have been lookingfor a mod like this for a very long time!
  2. eagle92lightning

    [STOCK] 1:1 Grumman F-14B Tomcat v3.0 - Rework

    @Servo Time for a build off...
  3. eagle92lightning


    Hmmmm... I could retrofitting one of my launchers for you to use to lift it up... probably some delta-V to spare in the second stage.
  4. eagle92lightning

    747-8 Replica Full Stock

  5. eagle92lightning

    Custom Craft, inc.

    McLaren P1
  6. eagle92lightning

    Share your Making History Ships!

    I recently built a Porsche 919 Hybrid unfortunately no pics or clicks yet
  7. eagle92lightning

    The SRB Jet

    Landing gears are too far back that is why it need the entire runway @Conric005
  8. eagle92lightning

    [STOCK] 1:1 Sukhoi Su-27S Flanker-B

    1: You can make your own fully movable tail fins. 2: Joking about the RADaR
  9. eagle92lightning

    2020 Tesla Roadster

    Top speed?
  10. eagle92lightning

    [STOCK] 1:1 Sukhoi Su-27S Flanker-B

    All moving tail planes? Thrust vectoring? Radar?
  11. eagle92lightning

    Vagani Craft Manufacturers - OLV-1 Shuttle

    I challenge you to a supercar build off, first one to hit 250mph wins
  12. eagle92lightning

    [Stock Craft] Eurofighter Typhoon

  13. eagle92lightning

    Unconventional Ultra-High Maneuverability Aircraft

    Thrust Vectoring?