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  1. Oh okay
  2. I don't have a dropbox account. Will do I am sorry. (Have problems quoting things on my phone)
  3. Can you give a Kerbalx link please. (Thanks you thank you tank you! It is beautiful!!!)
  5. Crape. You gotta love science. SSSCCCIIIEEENNNCCCEEE!!!
  6. I want to slap NASA what the F werected yall even thinking?!
  7. Okay
  8. Really? Is it mach capable like the real thing?
  9. Hey do me a favor don't forget the Northrop X-29
  10. Thinking about starting my own rocketry company. Sorry Musk.

  11. Okay you guys have forgotten a but load of aircraft such as the X-1A (it is slightly different than the X-1)
  12. Kepler is go. first stage is go second stage is go ignition in t-minus 10 minutes

  13. time to launch the hubble space telescope thanks to cacteye telescopes

  14. cool i cureenttly am using my own verion with an ion engine and mech jeb wieghs just over one ton and is launched on a atlas V four hundred with mainsail on the bottom so bassically a delta iv
  15. i think it is for survalience