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  1. How do you prevent the game from updating?
  2. I find that when I install this mod I can no longer store vessels inside inline hangars. It says the vessel can't fit in the hangar, but it's got plenty of space. After unistalling just this mod, the same vessel fits again in the hangar. Any clues as to why this happens / any workaround? Could it be because surface areas are modified by this mod?
  3. Is the RealPlume separate patch still needed? Also I have pretty much no idea how to read the log file to know if there are any issues (I see a lot of warnings in the log related to Restock). Can I post them here?
  4. I have succesfully created a contract and transmited it to Mission Control, however it's not showing up to accept. How do I support a log of some kind if there's no error?
  5. Awesome mod. I was looking for something just like this. What's the mod that was used in the demo video in the OP to automate the ship landing on the surface of the moon?
  6. Can I switch between texture files to measure performance impact just like that? Can I delete the EVE and TextureReplacer folders and replace them with the new ones found in the new texture .zip for example?
  7. Is this compatible with Astronomer's Visual Pack?
  8. Is this redundant or even compatible with JNSQ?
  9. There's an annoying bug with x Science where the game freezes for a second every time there's a biome change and new science is available. Does this happen too with this mod?
  10. Thanks for the explanation. I got rid of OPM and installed GPP and the high res cloud textures. However, I'm noticing the clouds are not present? Is something in conflict with another visual mod like AVP? No GPP: GPP installed: Mod list: Logs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cnla6davlwk5ld4/Logs.rar?dl=0 (KSP + output log compressed 800kb .rar) https://www.dropbox.com/s/i80kppzgu52mb0e/KSP.log?dl=0 (uncompressed 8mb KSP.log) https://www.dropbox.com/s/687y3jg4vwyuw85/output_log.txt?dl=0 (uncompressed 13mb Output.log)
  11. Unistalling SVT and SVE is advised then? Also, is this modeled after the real solar system? I'm trying to figure out the difference between this mod and Outer Planets.