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  1. remove it using ckan and re-install - Roverdude made an error in the first iteration - you might have that saved in your storage. (if that doesn't work - remove it with ckan - then manually install using the link - see if that helps)
  2. You have to download the firesplitter fix that Roverdude posted - it will fix that issue. Fix
  3. Your fine - those are in the full ground construction install - missing in the "core" ground construction MKS gives. (you can get them from the ground construction zip and install them yourself - i haven't seen any issues not having that other than that error)
  4. Did a search in this thread - are replacement parts and the break down of Life support working, testing stuff and can't seem to get that to show up. any pointers?
  5. @RoverDude Nice intro to WOLF last night on Twitch - look forward to trying it out and killing kerbals! Thanks for the effort on improving the game play.
  6. Concur - i tried to use the two files - Release | Bin - firespitter.dll and firspitter.pdb (they are newer) - but seem to have the same error.
  7. It's not out yet - and the firesplitter core should be compatible with 1.7.3 - Still working on my vids - ironing out the vids now in premier .
  8. Sweet - making some tutorial vids with USI/MKS/LS - going through the scripts now for taping - all the functions other than the container issue seem to be working 100% - so yay!
  9. Ah - was looking at MKS for the issue - not stock - thanks for the heads up
  10. Weird issue - went through the thread and Github and didn't see anything matching this, but since I've upgraded to the latest and greatest USI/MKS/LS - my PAW for changing the cargo for containers seems to add the next selection to the existing window, so if you click it once, two cargo's (original and next selection) show, with each click showing up as you go through, next or previous. Only MKS/USI/LS mods installed - with full ground support and configurable containers. (next step is to remove ground and config containers since they are 1.7.2) - KSP 1.7.3 MH 1.7.1 BG 1.2.0 installed. Whatever is on the top of the list is selected when you exit the PAW - is this how it works now? Before I dig deeper, I would like to know if anyone else is seeing this? Example: Opening PAW for container - after selecting "next cargo" Shows both cargo's selecting Previous Cargo: and previous again: if I exit out of the PAW - whatever is on top of the cargo list is selected for the container (i opened the PAW again): No errors appear on screen, but I did see this in the KSP.txt: [LOG 12:44:19.376] [MessageSystem] Save Messages [LOG 12:44:19.384] Game State Saved to saves/default/persistent [WRN 12:44:38.806] *PartUtils* Unable to find UIPartActionWindow list [LOG 12:44:38.806] no UI to refresh [LOG 12:44:40.966] deleting part C3.Kontainer.01 [WRN 12:44:41.690] *PartUtils* Unable to find UIPartActionWindow list [LOG 12:44:41.691] no UI to refresh But this happens when I exit the VAB - so I don't *think* that is pointing to any issue here. (going to remove all the mods on a fresh install and just add the MKS bare minimum to see if it happens)
  11. Just tested this (1.1 MKS/USI/KSP1.6.1) - I am able to mine both resources on the Mun - make sure where your trying actually have the resources present, or the drill will start and stop.