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  1. Concur - i tried to use the two files - Release | Bin - firespitter.dll and firspitter.pdb (they are newer) - but seem to have the same error.
  2. It's not out yet - and the firesplitter core should be compatible with 1.7.3 - Still working on my vids - ironing out the vids now in premier .
  3. Sweet - making some tutorial vids with USI/MKS/LS - going through the scripts now for taping - all the functions other than the container issue seem to be working 100% - so yay!
  4. Ah - was looking at MKS for the issue - not stock - thanks for the heads up
  5. Weird issue - went through the thread and Github and didn't see anything matching this, but since I've upgraded to the latest and greatest USI/MKS/LS - my PAW for changing the cargo for containers seems to add the next selection to the existing window, so if you click it once, two cargo's (original and next selection) show, with each click showing up as you go through, next or previous. Only MKS/USI/LS mods installed - with full ground support and configurable containers. (next step is to remove ground and config containers since they are 1.7.2) - KSP 1.7.3 MH 1.7.1 BG 1.2.0 installed. Whatever is on the top of the list is selected when you exit the PAW - is this how it works now? Before I dig deeper, I would like to know if anyone else is seeing this? Example: Opening PAW for container - after selecting "next cargo" Shows both cargo's selecting Previous Cargo: and previous again: if I exit out of the PAW - whatever is on top of the cargo list is selected for the container (i opened the PAW again): No errors appear on screen, but I did see this in the KSP.txt: [LOG 12:44:19.376] [MessageSystem] Save Messages [LOG 12:44:19.384] Game State Saved to saves/default/persistent [WRN 12:44:38.806] *PartUtils* Unable to find UIPartActionWindow list [LOG 12:44:38.806] no UI to refresh [LOG 12:44:40.966] deleting part C3.Kontainer.01 [WRN 12:44:41.690] *PartUtils* Unable to find UIPartActionWindow list [LOG 12:44:41.691] no UI to refresh But this happens when I exit the VAB - so I don't *think* that is pointing to any issue here. (going to remove all the mods on a fresh install and just add the MKS bare minimum to see if it happens)
  6. Just tested this (1.1 MKS/USI/KSP1.6.1) - I am able to mine both resources on the Mun - make sure where your trying actually have the resources present, or the drill will start and stop.
  7. Yup @DoktorKrogg, was playing with it last night and found newer vessels I made (not using the same craft file) were working with orbital transfer - was about to update the issue when I saw you discovered it and made a fix. I agree, it started after 1.6.1, I was using the same craft before with no issues - so dunno? No worries about the save game - it's my USI/MKS test build - so I nuke everything anyway Once I get a good design, I tend to re-use it - especially when I am testing, so of course I would find this! Getting setup to make some video guides on this stuff - coming real soon (TM). Thanks for finding the bug - was tearing hair out - and adding more details why something failed - the more you know ....
  8. I tested this - in space - no transfer, landed, transfer occurs. ( I never noticed that before, you had to be landed, when in space, I just transfer the resources using gui) Make sure you follow the rules : The Consumer must have the LogisticsConsumer module, the Warehouse must have the ResourceWarehouse module, and they must be within range and there should be storage on both for the resource being transferred.
  9. I have the latest version of MKS/USI (1.1) with KSP 1.6.1 and have been trying to get orbital transfer working, and I seem to be having an issue - not sure what is going on. (it seemed to be working in the last Constellation version) (Full version of ground construction installe, KIS, and Surface Lights - all latest version - I have tried it with just USI mods and latest module manager and it still fails) For testing, I made three Duna Logistics modules, Alpha (by the KSP Squad monolith), Bravo (100Km circular orbit (0 inclin) Kerbin), and Charlie (at the abandoned airfield). They are all configured the same way (storage-wise) - with Alpha being filled, B and C are empty. Pilots and Engineers aboard (only pilot is needed for transfer - engie for PDU testing) Fully powered, 100K Transport credits on each of them. (yes, I know only the transmitter needs this :)) This is an example of what they look like (the other stuff in the pic is USI Stuff I'm testing out) and Charlie: I start the transport of 2000 polymer Alpha to Charlie: Alas, it fails - Notice that the polymers were deducted (Transport credits were also, but display didn't show that) Did some other transfers to B and C - same results - LF/O and polymers. - notice that credits and resources are removed from Alpha - as if it worked) I am not sure why it's failing - is there a log or something that says why it failed? - I do have the logging cheat on to track it, no errors show.
  10. I am running this version of Global Construction with 1.6.1 and I have not seen any issues. I made a testbed install to test various MKS/USI mods and construction techniques - here is a list of what I am using: KSP: 1.6.1 (Win64) - Unity: 2017.1.3p1 - OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit 000_AT_Utils - 1.6.2 ClickThroughBlocker - Toolbar - USI Tools - 1.1 ToolbarControl - Action Group Manager - 2.2.4 Bon Voyage - 0.14.3 Community Category Kit - 4.1 Community Resource Pack - 1.1 Crew Light - 1.19 Easy Vessel Switch - 1.10.6933.41006 EditorExtensionsRedux - Firespitter - 7.12 FuseBoxContinued - GroundConstruction - 2.2 KAS - 1.1.6876.38030 Kerbal Engineer Redux - HyperEdit - 1.5.8 Kerbal Inventory System - 1.18.6971.42939 KSP-AVC Plugin - MechJebForAll - PartCommanderContinued - SCANsat - Surface Mounted Lights - 1.11.6951.3656 ThrottleControlledAvionics - 3.5.3 Alternate Resource Panel - 2.9.3 USI Core - 1.1 USI Exploration Pack - 1.1 Freight Transport Tech - 1.1 Karbonite - 1.1 Konstruction - 1.1 USI-LS - 1.1 Malemute Rover - 1.1 MKS - 1.1 NuclearRockets - 1.1 Sounding Rockets - 1.1 Waypoint Manager - 2.7.5 OSE Workshop -
  11. Yup - can confirm - latest version of KSP, this mod (well beta), KIS, and the other requirements - everything seems to be working, but once an item is done printing - NullRef spam. (no other mods but this and it's requirements)