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  1. That makes more sense now - thanks for the info!
  2. Yup - agree - that O2 should be in liquid form for use in storage - I thought it was strange just to have it as "oyxgen" - I remember tripping over all the containers on the carrier (LOL)... (nice you used a pic of a F/A-18 - love that plane) Will ask @RoverDude- he did mention something about using oxygen in the USI-LS and want to see the direction he is taking before I start trying to change things.
  3. Looks good - but I was leaning more into using raw materials => Chemicals => Glykerol. Trying to keep it in the Wolf Realm of resources. But your example has given me some ideas - thanks!
  4. I will take that challenge ! --- Testing with the Shipyard Konstructor shows that making a vessel results in all it's tanks being empty - could be a problem
  5. Is there plans to allow the making of Glykerol in lifesupport for the freezer pods? Currently, the only way to get it is to add it in the build area. In some playthrough testing, once I am out in the black, unless I stored extra Glykerol, I am out of freeze juice with no way to make more. I have been playing around with cfgs and can have it working in Wolf, and using MKS items - (checking for USI-LS of course) - can add a PRR to Github
  6. Ah - gotcha! I take it would need an engineer in the crew to get that bonus - like other modules...
  7. @panarchist If you make Oxygen LoX (LO2) - would the cfg for the karbonite distiller have to be changed to output LO2 instead of Oxygen, or would they be considered the same thing? I am thinking not. New to MM patches - so learning as you go !
  8. a quick question @RoverDude and/or @DoktorKrogg - 1. What is the design idea behind the Atlas harvesters? One is automated, and the other says crewed, but the latter has no capacity for crew. Other than the title name, there appears no difference in what they do. I would imagine the crewed one should operate more efficiently, but since you can't get crew on it, it does nothing special. Finishing up on my project - should be able to upload real soon (tm) now...
  9. They do not hold Oxygen, they do hold Oxidizer, which is not the same. I went through the config files for the tanks, none list Oxygen as a resource, even though it's listed in the CRP - plus there is a LiquidOxygen entry, probably for NRE. The PAW of the BSX-100 can make LH2/O2 resource, with and output of Liquid Hydrogen, and Oxygen from Karbonite. The tanks handle LH2 - but no O2.
  10. Which Kontainer can hold Oxygen (O2)? I went through all the configs, can't seem to locate one. When I use the BSX-100 Karbonite Distiller, I can't store the LH2/O2 it produces because it says it's full (O2), because no tank to hold it.
  11. SAS? Make sure it’s on the same stage as the container, and the computer, the same - try that.
  12. Where are you seeing that message? Screenshot would help. The only time I remember seeing that message is when the transport vehicle didn’t have a wolf passenger container on it when making the route with the transport computer. I just made two wolf terminals, with power hub, and connected them to biomes wolf depot. Once that was done, I added the routes using electric rovers (no Transport Credit cost) - that had the transport computer and one of the wolf transport containers. once I established them, I move my test subjects, I mean passengers, into the wolf terminal part, open the terminal window and selected the route. if you made the routes to LKO you would need the needed TC to make the route, then the process is the same. Economy is for working kerbals, deluxe for civies. You still can! Wolf just stops you from needing 100s of small base to make stuff with MKS. Now, with proper planning, you can do all the backend plumbing off screen, and have just one major base on each planet, and one in orbit, using the wolf hoppers to pull the stuff out of the backend. so your save file will be much smaller, and makes the game run faster.
  13. Everything is possible with enough delta v I would also point out that MKS and stock for that matter does not do any processing/mining/making till you are at that location. So you must plan for X amount of storage for everything, so when it does catch up mechanics when you go to that base/statio/ship, you won’t hit any snags. Most people give at least a 6 to 12 hour window of storage, calculate what you need in that time by looking at the rates, then figure how much storage you will need. Also applies to power, cooling, anything that has a rate basically. The PAW of each component will tell you exactly what it needs to get the job done.
  14. That is my plan. The terminal will hook up to the Wolf LKO Gateway hub, then move from there.
  15. It's a beautiful thing to see! Thanks for fixing this - was driving me slightly crazy.... (and believe me, it was a short drive) Now on to more testing...
  16. That sounds like the issue - need them to actually use the parts - and no mention of moving them over.
  17. Just made a pull request for that - in the Konstruction branch. Learning GitHub - so forgive mistakes !
  18. @RoverDude are the Orbital Shipyards suppose to have crew capacity for an engineer so when you enable Konstruction, you get the bonus? (since it has the foreman module, which seems to require an engineer to get that bonus)
  19. Sounds like an install error. Did you unzip directly into GameData or drag the files over? Which zip did you do? MKS or Constellation?
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