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  1. Further testing with the Bleeding Edge MKS/USI - Konstruction/MKS is working beautifully. With the MKS Pioneer and Workshop, and two Konstruction heavy lifters I made, my one kerbal went from 1.2 t on Minmus to 80.7 t lifting capacity. It took a couple of ticks for me to realize you need to push the Enable Konstruction button on the PAW (of the structure with the Konstruction Foreman module) to activate extra construction items when you bring them in the scene. It also seems when you leave the scene, or come back from a save, Konstruction is reset (the count) - going to drill down to see exactly where the drop occurs, @RoverDude is the scene konstruction count a hard variable or is it a temporary variable? _ not a big deal, since just pushing the button brings it back. I am thinking of adding a Foreman module to the akita cab when I build these items, because sometimes I am building remote bases using just them, as they do not kick in by themselves - they need this module to be counted, as far as I can tell - will do more testing on this one. The only suggestion I would like to add is to somehow integrate a count of Konstruction points as you build devices/adding structures. Maybe add it to the Kolonization Dashboard or maybe a separate button like the USI LS button in the VAB - (will put in a request on GitHub) One quirk I found is that some of the Wolfie structures/containers are very difficult to pick up with the magnet on the PAL Magnet lifter. For example, I could not lift the Wolf Depot at all, until I placed a PAL Magna-Pad on it. But using the magnets were a bit hit or miss prior - so not a big deal, since merely having the equipment around you allows you pick things up. However, sometimes the magnet attraction will launch the equipment into LMO - not fun - but funny - Next testing is the Orbital Shipyard items - Maybe I can construct something to find that PAL Construction Crawler floating around from Minmus.
  2. @RoverDude is there a breakdown on how konstruction points work - ratio to tons or something? (using the bleeding edge stuff).
  3. Great - testing that now - found some issues with Konstruction - will be sending in report. Did you have a chance to test my save/gamedata on your system? Curious if it worked.
  4. Well - while I am poking this to see if I can shake out the reason, I have been resin printing the Prime crew - working on Valentina next.
  5. Are you seeing the Null in your ksp.log about crew transfer? (it is also in the player.log) This is disappointing - I was hoping your install would shed light on this - no it tosses more into chaos. But - this is the way of troubleshooting. I have some more free time to poke this today - but I am running out of things to try. Does anyone else reading this have Wolf Crew Transfer working? if so - chime up, so we can see what you did right to get it working.
  6. oh no! more variables.... yikes... I wonder if it's tied to career somehow - and in sandbox you cant see it. will test that now. Cheated my way in a career mode - same null.. dang it.
  7. Well - I removed the USI functions you listed @modus - same Null. I also went through removing more, till I was left with just Wolf (just in the USI folder - keep all the other folders needed), same Null. (this was using the March Constellation 2021.03.12.01) (fresh KSP 1.12.2 with removal of MM configs each time). @RoverDudein the zip file, do you require the squad and squadexpansion folder to be included, or just everything else? I went through two different OS's - shut off security issues, I am up to date on .net, and tried different computer builds (AMD and Intel), clean install of Win 10, with nothing else on it - KSP runs great - just see the error. If it is something else, not sure what it could be. The error only pops up on WOLF.WOLF_CrewTransferScenario, everything else Wolfie works, and KSP works as expected. more poking - or tickling the dragon - will be fun once this is found!
  8. Cant speak for @modus but mine is a fresh install and clean USI constellation from March - with new sandbox game. I will do a Zip and upload it to the cloud - Just KSP 12.2 and the March Constellation installed with a Default sandbox save and no other mods. I have tried just using the MKS pre-releases only (one at a time) - same result - very perplexing. What is really weird is that Modus has tons of mods, and his MKS crew xfer works - but my only MKS mod with KSP is NULL. I would think the opposite would be true - but the BeyondCompare may point to something I am missing. I keep all the functions of USI/MKS , I didn't know you did that. Will have to test that scenario to the functions you noted - that may be the conflict I am seeing and your not. I also used another computer (5th) to test - that only had windows 10 on it - no other things, and had the same NULL - whatever this is - it's exquisite in it's ability to hide from my poking. And my VM test failed the same...
  9. I agree. I would of thought changing computers would at least change something if it was outside conflicting, but that even failed. As I have some free time during the day, I’m still poking the bear - and willing to be a test bed for more testing, I like that feeling when the problem is finally solved. I was thinking of running on a striped down VM - maybe something will flip?
  10. Yup - that's part of my mod install, switching mods, or updating them, I normally make it re-build it.
  11. Well - I poked and prodded this over the course of the several days, on separate computers, different configurations, different releases of MKS/USI, and analysis of the results/logs. No Joy. Same result - NRE on crew transfer UI. I will await the next release by @RoverDudebefore I continue - unless someone has an idea that I haven't thought of. On the bright side, I have a deeper understanding on the interactions of module manager/KSP and the logs it makes... Thanks for your help @modus - still don't know how yours is working - guess it's a mystery - only thing I can figure one of your other mods is making it kick off - but I am not going to ask you to make a separate install with just MKS bleeding edge and see if it still works... or did I just do that?
  12. @modus can I see a copy of your KSP.log - drop a crew capsule on the launchpad then exit the game (make sure you see the crew transfer terminal button) -
  13. Wolf takes parts of MKS and makes it abstract, so you don't have a slow down in your save file with 100's of MKS bases.
  14. Yes - my normal routine is to uninstall completely with Steam - clean the directory (usually save files and logs are left), then re-install from Steam. I just did so, Fresh clean, validated install of KSP 12.2 with Constellation 2021.03.12.01 only. Same issue: Pretty sure it's not a KSP install issue. I did run through the pre-releases of USI and MKS, removing the older mod, then trying to run. I also install to a non-UNC directory (e:\steamapps\....) and have moved from C to D. (The drive shouldn't matter, but want to cover all bases). I also shut off my AV suite, kept running processes to the minimum, all to no Joy. One interesting thing is that when I initially go to the launch pad after making a rocket, the Wolf transfer icon button is not in the toolbar, but if I switch scenes and come back, it's there, and then from then on, it's there in game, but if I quit out of KSP and restart - I need to switch scenes to pop it back up. No Wolf Crew transfer button - ever I'm afraid. Just my good friend Null. Will be writing this up - since the other user was using KSP 1.11. As I said above, it "seems" like there is an issue with Wolf, but some users have it working, so it's throwing my troubleshooting off. @modus has lots of mods with it working, so it should work with just Wolf, one would think. My normal KSP install has tons of mods, and was in the process of making videos for MKS/Wolf, when I found this interesting issue - full stop I am afraid. Glad to see other users have the same issues I have, so there is that.
  15. Thinking more on this, and after talking with @linuxgurugamer and @modus - the fault may lie in my KSP install - since the mod works for modus, and the error only occurs with MKS Wolf installed on my KSP ( no other mods) So tomorrow I will try to t-shoot this - I have touched on it in my previous testing, but didn’t test it as well as I should of. I have validated via steam, and initially it found errors, but it still Null on me (Wolf). I thought using the different computers would be help - but no joy there. what I would give for Nick Fury to give me a box of stuff and tell me I haven’t tried everything! (yes I understand this is pre-release, but this problem is like a loose tooth in my head, gotta keep poking it till it drops out)
  16. I went mod free - other than constellation pre-release, tried the supplied module manger dll and the newest one, went from d drive to c drive. Multiple computers, made routes, checked logs, double checked everything, installed latest updates to usi and MKS, Akon, fresh, on top of previous installs, but always got the NRE in logs about Wolf crew transfer. even tried windows 10 and latest windows 11 build (I am through the looking glass here people) - no joy… I think I have been pretty meticulous in my troubleshooting, the only thing vexing me is that @modushas it running. google tells me there are about three other reports on this issue, no fixes. @RoverDude and @DoktorKroggwere not kidding about bees and cutting edge… Anyway my wife is yelling at me about spending to much time in space so I will have to pick up the fight later..
  17. Sure is! With that amount of mods I would think you would have this issue… going to poke the bear some more, maybe I will stumble on the solution.
  18. Well I am officially out of options. I went home and tried on two different computers, fresh installs of KSP, MKS and same results as my two laptops. I was sure one of them would work, but alas, NREs with crew transfer. Everything else Wolfie is working as expected. Windows 10/11 - doesn’t matter. I thought maybe my visual studio installs with unity apps was causing the issue, but uninstalls prove this wrong. if anyone has any suggestions- please let me know. @modus can you share a list of your mods in your install - grasping at straws now...
  19. Yeah - I saw that - but all my testing is in the sandbox - so that flaw wouldn't cause me an issue....
  20. @modus Do you use the Wolf flight recorder at all? https://imgur.com/a/U2rrbf2
  21. Well - that's a point I can use - it's there without creating routes (that was a pain). (You are running KSP 12.2?) I think if I can figure out why I am seeing that NRE on crew.transfer - that will solve my issue. I poked around the Wolf directory - and the crew transfer icon is there - so I know I have the correct version of MKS running... This is a good brain exercise anyway...
  22. Sadly, I tried it again, fresh, clean, validated (steam) install of KSP 12.2, and the March version of Constellation 2021.03.12.01, and I did not see that button, and still have the NRE on crew.transfer. (No other mods) I moved up to the Unstable release of 112.00 Constellation (UmbraSpaceIndustries_112.0.0.zip), same results. Then I just went with the MKS updates - first Unstable Release 112.00 (MKS_112.0.0.zip) - same issue - then on to Unstable release 112.0.1-bleeding-edge.1 (MKS_112.0.1-bleeding edge.1.zip). I can see the Logistics button when it's needed - and that works, as do the Wolf cargo routes, just cant do crew. I even dropped back to 12.1 KSP - and ran through each of the above - same problem. The only thing I have not changed was my computer - so I tried running this test on another computer to see if I get the same error. I get the error. At a loss why this is not working, this isn't the first time I have been playing with KSP mods, never had an issue like this that couldn't be resolved by going vanilla and just putting the latest mod in play. Going to poke around some more - maybe something will shake out. If you could - what do you have on the screen when you see the crew transfer button - is it there before you create crew routes? I ask because the Logistics transfer window only shows if their is something that allows transfers (like a rover and my base). Thanks for your help BTW -
  23. I do not see a plane icon on the toolbar, just the Wolf icon. (which works for other Wolfie things). On the Part access window (PAW) - there is a button for "Wolf Crew Terminal" - "Show Crew Terminal" Wolf Issue Screenshot Do you have this working? Can you share a screenshot of the plane thing your seeing?
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