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  1. Hi, it's a long story but I am running the most recent version of KSP (although without the DLCs at present, I'd be interested to hear what your thoughts are, if any, on these, since I gather you're running a version from before these were released?). I've gone ahead and picked up a few, although not all, of the Near Future Tech mods, and I think I'll probably throw the rest in pretty soon to finish the set. Alongside this I've installed the stockalike station parts mod, and TAC-LS - that's been quite the learning curve, although I haven't lost anyone quite yet! I was wondering if you've got any experience with the full TAC modlist, as I really like the look of some of the parts of it but at the minute it looks a bit overwhelming? I'm just getting used to the new mechanics of life support and I'm cautious to pile a load more on top. Thanks all for your help so far!
  2. Hi All! I'm not sure if this really qualifies for this sub-forum, but considering my last attempts at posting here were (I think) around three years ago, and consisted of one actual content post, I feel like this is the right place for this. Historically, I have sunk a pretty significant number of hours into KSP, getting as far as Duna (although other than one ill-fated mission I've largely kept to Kerbin's SoI). A few years ago, I drifted away from the game, and haven't really played since 2017. With current events, however, I've found myself with a fair few spare hours on my hands, so I've decided to come back to the game and see what I can do. I'm hoping to start a mission report for my main career save, which I'll put a link up to as soon as I've started it. With that in mind, I'm hoping to make a first dive into the world of mods (in KSP at least...), so I've decided to throw a few questions out and see if anyone's got any advice: - I'm planning to install KAS/KIS, but really don't have a clue as to the basic mechanics of them. Does anyone know of a suitable tutorial that they might be able to link, or whether there's anything I should particularly know? - I'm also looking at USI Life Support, but I'm unsure as to how it handles modules from other mods, specifically stockalike station parts redux. Has anyone tried these together, and do you know if there are any major incompatabilities? Additionally, do you know if the career contracts, fees and payouts adjust for this extra complexity? Generally, budgeting is never a problem but it'd be neat if they adjusted automatically. - As mentioned above, I'm looking at the stockalike station parts mod, but I'm also looking for any extra mods to ass more parts - I'm a big fan of the stock aesthetics, and was wondering whether anyone would reccommend any other mods? Mostly looking at modules/engines, but really any new parts would be nice! Some more science and surface stuff would be good, generally I'm just not finding much point in building big stations (but I really want to) because beyond the essentials there's not a great deal to do. I've spent many happy hours looking through this forum in the past, so I'm excited to give something back to it!
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    Thanks! Yes, I did mean 0.90...
  4. I've been looking through this topic for a while now, and I saw somewhere that someone was removing lines from their '.craft' files to allow subassemblies of the engines to be attached in mirror symmetry (the idea being to use two contra-rotating engines to cancel out rotation of the plane). Well, I know a little Python, and I knocked up a little code to remove all symmetry from a subassembly so you can do just that very thing! Works with Python 3. INSTRUCTIONS: Create a copy of the subassembly you wish to remove symmetry from for backup purposes - it's worked every time for me, but you never know... Copy-paste the code into the folder of the file you wish to work on (the .craft must be openable as a .txt file) Run the file, using the exact name of the craft when prompted (feel free to copy-paste file names - it works that way too) Once the code is finished, open up the new file, which should be prefixed by "COPY - " Change the first line of the .craft file to add "COPY - " after "ship = " Done! The code. Please let me know if you cannot access it - I'm new here and as such may have made a mistake in linking it. Oatypea
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    A hugely imaginative topic name, I know. Well, I've been playing KSP now for... 2 years? 3? I'm not even sure (about 0.90)... I've been to the Mun, Minmus, and Duna (briefly and rather less gently than I'd have preferred) and, having spent the best part of a year looking at these forums I decided it was finally time to sign up and actually do something. So... here I am. Hello.